September 10th, 2006

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Police Procedures and Internal Affairs Involvement Question

I've been searching, reading, even emailed the LVMPD for help, and can't find the answer to this:

In my novel my main character's partner gets shot because one of main character's bullets bounces and hits him.

What kind of investigation would take place because of that? Would they suspend her? Put her on desk duty? Take the weapon because it's an Officer Involved Shooting?
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Procedures for death on an airplane

Any attempts to google any combination of "death" and "airplane" only brings up info on crashes., and looking for information on medical emergencies on planes brings up companies that supply emergency medical supplies to airlines.

I have a character who dies on a plane of an apparent heart attack (he was actually poisoned, but it will look just like a massive, immediately fatal heart attack) on a flight from Moscow to London. According to my research, it's a four hour flight, and he dies about an hour and a half in. They can have a doctor on board to declare him dead, if necessary.

1) I'm assuming they would land the plane as soon as possible and remove the body - is that correct? Would they make everyone get off, or just remove the body? How long would the plane be grounded?

2) What would they do with the body while waiting to land? Leave it there and cover it with a blanket, move it somewhere else? If they move it, where would they put it?

As always, thanks for the help!

Constellations summer/winter in the Southern Hemisphere

What I need, hopefully, is a website (preferably in English, but I can use online translators to get an approximation) that either lists, or at least tells me the names of constellations that are visible in the Southern Earth hemisphere from the Amazonian rainforest (specifically Southern Venezuela) during the winter/summer months.

Books will work as well, since I can look for those pretty easily. Those, however, have to be in English.
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Travel from Munich to Morocco circa 1925

How would one get from Munich to Morocco circa 1925? I'm assuming a train to the southern tip of Spain and then either a boat or a ferry (I know it is a ferry now, but was it back then?). I suppose what I am really asking for is a post WWI European railroad map, so I can plan the trip and the towns along the way. Would the railroad go all the way to the coast, or would it stop around say, Sevilla? If it did, how would one get to the coast?

And, or course, once in Morocco, what kind of transportation would be available?

Thanks much!