September 8th, 2006

KH - OT3


What kind of condition might exist where a woman who shouldn't be able to get pregnant (as in, psycially incapable), might find herself so unexpectedly?

I don't think infertility would work, as it can be treated, and she did want children quite a bit, but I'm lacking on other things that might lead to this.
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Saucepan as an improvised weapon?

(Just a quick, slightly silly question, because it's going to bug me so much I won't be able to write, otherwise.)

Could you knock someone out if you hit them in the head with an old-fashioned heavy-bottomed saucepan? Also, assuming the victim was an adult man with a fairly tough head, would he sustain any permanent damage afterwards? (Regardless of whether he was knocked out or just a bit stunned.)

Finally, a kind-of-related question (it's for the same scene, anyway): The character being hit is threatening someone else, who he is holding slightly off the ground by their collar. When he gets hit, would he be likely to let go of them, or would they fall with him?


Life in the eighties Questions

So i have some quick questions, mostly because i can't even remember pre 9/11 security; let alone anything before. Basically, this story is set in Washington D.C. in 1988-1989.

First, what security measures were in place as far as bag searches, metal detectors, etc. in The national archives, the smithsonian muesams, those sort of buildings.

Second, A twenty something girl is in a bar and asks the bartender for her usual drink. What is she drinking? In the center of downtown, what bar is she in?

Third, A guy in the bar is, in a somewhat condescending but totally non offensive way, calling her Doll, or ... what? Babe won't work, its not at all the sort of thing this character would say to a human.

Finally, what was the generally perception, not of fans in washington, which i know very well, but of the rest of America, of the Redskins? Under rated, over rated, sick of them, beyond caring? Record isn't so important as what the guys on Sports center might have said.

Thanks much. I was not alive when my story is set, so all help would be appreciated, and i am fairly familiar with DC, so i'll know landmarks and approximate street locations, if anyone has any.
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