September 4th, 2006


birth defects / disorders

So I needed birth or otherwise defects and disorders that are both physical and mental. It had to fit these qualifications:
1. A severely deformed looking appearance and limited amount of mobility
2. An inability to communicate very well (his biggest conflict is the fact he can't tell his mom that he loves her. So basic communication of 'food' 'bathroom' 'sleep', etc would be okay)
3. Epilepsy or Seizures (enough that they blackout/go unconcious at times, and possibly resulting in hospitalizations)

It takes place in current times. The family doesn't have a lot of money to spend on treatment and care but Mother loves him enough to do her best.

Would Tuberous sclerosis (resulting in Epilepsy and Aphasia) work? (TS doesn't seem to produce the severity of deformity that I'm wanting, which is to a level that a snobbish character refers to him as "monster" looking. Maybe if I make large skin tumors on the face and throw in a club foot or such. How likely doctors would leave those to the age that I need my character to be?)

If not, what would?

What treatment would the child recieve? What would his life expectancy be?

The character with the defect/disorder is preferably male, under the age of 18 (preferable 10-13), and able to communicate on atleast a 6-7 year old level to the MC while both are in a dreamlike medium (bs-able with storylogic).

Thanks for any help. Researching just so I could ask what I wanted to ask has helped me a lot, but I still want to ask.
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Russian customs?

Is it customary in Russia to take off your shoes when entering a house?

the cahracter in question is Karachay-Russian, and grew up in Kabardino-Balkaria. the situation is that he's entering the apartment of a girl he came home from a bar with - would he take off his shoes qwhen raking off his coat, or would he keep them on?

I hope my phrasing makes sense.

CO2 to O2?

How possible would it be to create nanobots that do essentially what plants do and take carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen as a fuel source? Would it take more energy than it would produce from the carbon?

I am trying to write a science fiction story where a person gets infected with nanobots unwillingly and then gets thrown in a very small trunk. They are in there for a longer amount of time than normal air supply would suffice, and was wondering if I could deus ex machina them out by way of the nanobots transfer of CO2 to O2.

Local Info on Football Teams

If you're in a smaller city in Pennsylvania (say, Scranton), who would be your favorite football team? Eagles? Steelers? Giants? I'm interested in some local opinions about these teams, you know, like "The xxxs always choke." or "The xxxs always have a crappy defense." Something a fan would say about a rival team.

Thanks for any and all replies.
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Catalan surnames

(I tried Multilingual earlier and have had no luck so far...)

I'm looking for a source for a good place to find Catalan surnames. I'm working on a character from Andorra for a possible game and I'd like a last name that would make sense for the region.
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burning a seal pelt

I'm really not sure how to google/wiki this and I'd like an answer soon. In my short story, I have a selkie who decides to throw her skin into a fire rather than return to life as a seal. What I can't figure out is how the pelt would burn, as I've never burned one. Would it crackle or sizzle? Would it not catch fire right away? The pelt was safely tucked away in a cool, dry place for a little more than a decade if that makes a difference.

Edit: I'd still appreciate any input, but I just printed out 27 copies to present to my class. If you'd like to read the story, I've posted it over here. I'm going to be revising the story and handing it in again at the end of the semester, so any information you had would still be helpful. I just had to guess on what would happen to the pelt as it burned. Any criticism you have would also be helpful.
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