August 27th, 2006


drafting instruments

Can someone suggest a name of a very high-end traditional (non-computer) drafting instrument manufacturer?

I know of Rotring . . . is there anyone else of that or greater caliber?

Also, aside from students and third-world nations, is there a market (esp. for high-end) for drafting instruments today? Or had CADD taken it over totally?

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Sister Death

Origin of Story: Man Dies of Mercury Poisoning from Hat

I've got a scene in the current WIP where a character is telling an anecdote from his youth. The story, in essence, is about a pretentious officer with a very strange habit of chewing the brim of his hat when he's nervous (any realistic disciplinary action taken against this officer is moot for my purposes). The officer is transferred away from my character, who finds out years later that the officer died from poisoning caused by the mercury used to treat his felt hat. (Again, whether or not this is possible is moot; all that matters is that it makes for a good tavern-story.)

My question is, I have the overwhelming feeling that I might have heard or read this story before. I know that the phrase "mad as a hatter" comes from hat-makers being slowly poisoned by mercury, but I suspect that this specific tale might be directly drawn from a source I've forgotten. I of course don't want to unconsciously copy someone else's work. Does it sound familiar to anyone else, and could you name the source if you know it?


literary/erotic poetry about a threesome

I'm looking for a piece of erotic poetry describing a threesome. Can be from any era before, say, 1800 (that's a rough limit, but it's for the HP-verse, so it needs to be old enough to be considered old/literary within the context of the somewhat antiquated wizarding world). It need not be in English originally but I need a translation (bonus points for scholarly controversy over the translation so my characters have something to banter about!).

The poem is going to be used as a subtle proposition from one character to another, so I want it to be a positive description of the threesome, and it needs to be an equal grouping, not one person watching the others or an uneven love triangle. Extra extra bonus points for it being MMF.

I've done some googling but obviously searching for "threesome poetry" and variations is not really getting me what I want. :D I've also gone through some collections of erotic poetry in print but especially with the older stuff, I'm not enough of an expert to really be able to get what's going on in a poem in a quick read, so it's taking me forever and I haven't found anything so far. I'm hoping I've got a classics scholar out there who can come up with something (or a better print source that I can look at).

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Edinburgh-Yorkshire, 19th century.

I need help for: A short story
Set in: Yorkshire (UK)
In: Between 1870-1890

I would need a carriage getting to Yorkshire as often as possible (preferably daily) from Edinburgh and then going back to Edinburgh. 
- What could that carriage be carrying? (not asking for ideas, just for some transport routes that used to be frequent between those two places back then and whose existence I wish I knew)
- Do you know if newspapers and periodicals were delivered to houses back then? 

I've got in mind a nice bleak idea but hell, I don't want to write nonsensical crap so I thought I'd ask the wise. 

Thanks for the help in advance.
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Police Procedural help

Hi. I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I have a story in which a character-Mr. Pink, is visting a strange city. He decides to take a stroll and stumbles upon a mugging/car jacking. Mr. Pink is an FBI agent and naturally jumps to intervene. In the process he is shot-in the shoulder and hits his head-knocked unconcious.

The criminals take his wallet, and his gun. At this point, how would the police handle it? Would he be taken to the nearest hospital or an indigent one since no id? How urgent would id'ing him be to the PD?

If he wakes with temporary amnesia from blow to head(yeah I know), would they fingerprint him?
To get an id?

Police then catch guys they think may be responsible. They want Mr. Pink to identify the guys in a line up-what is procedure for this? Would his id be usable considering the head wound and temporary memory loss?