August 26th, 2006

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Acids and airbrushes, lifting capacity, and duration of greasepaint?

Three different questions, I know, but I figured making three posts would be overkill. And annoying. Bear with me, please.

My first question is probably a bit icky, so I'll put it under a cut.
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Secondly, I have two characters who are in a sort of relationship, though not quite the normal kind. That's beside the point. The point is that I was looking for information about how much a person can logically lift, but it's sort of hard. I tried asking people I know, but it wasn't very helpful. One of my characters is a fairly large man, in the military, so he's well trained, though not to the bodybuilder extreme. He's 6'1" and about 183lbs or so. The other is 5'4" and 105lbs (and needs to put on weight). They're both in their thirties, and both healthy. Now, I'm aware that the larger one could easily lift the smaller one, my sister lifts me and I'm a lot heavier. What I'm wondering is if he can comfortably carry the smaller one around? I assume he can, but I really want to get things right.

And lastly, I'm wondering just how well greasepaint actually stays on. Specifically, I'm wondering about the paint they used back in the 1860s when greasepaint was invented, but any information is gratefully accepted. I can't find anything specific about the durability.

Hopefully, I did this right.

Indonesian phrases need translating

A friend sent me these indonesian phrases to be used in my story, but neglected to tell me what they mean. ^-^; I dutifully tried google and babelfish, but they appear to be spelled phonetically as opposed to how they're supposed to be spelled. Please help!

Gambil Cantik,
Anda terlalu cantik, dan membuat bintang garong. Sampai jumba sekali jutan. Sekali lagi, kamu cholit.

Thanks in advance!
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Nicknames for student in martial arts class?

Hi! I haven't posted here before, so here goes:

I have a teenage girl who is going to take some martial arts classes (kickboxing, karate, or the like) and I was wondering if there was either a suffix (like -chan, -san) or a way of addressing a student that the teacher (who will be Japanese) would use?

Also, when I took karate, back in the dark ages, we called the teacher 'sensei'. Is that still done?

Thanks so much!

EDIT: Thank you for all your help! :)
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Red Sky

In my book series, there is 12 inhabited planets in a region of space quite distanced from our solar system (but still in the same galaxy). Two of these planets are inhabited by the same species. This species is compatiable with humans (there are several hybrids) and several of the aliens live on or stay on Earth for periods of time. These planets also exist on the same orbit, exactly opposite to each other. I've done this because I presume that this would be the only way to balance their gravity pull.

Now, on these two planets the sky and soil is red. The soil I have no real issue with because we have red soil on Earth. However the red sky poses some problems. I've read some information on wiki about weather, that described the red skies that sometimes happen in the afternoon and mornings, as being caused by the sun shining on the undersides of clouds.

These are my questions:

1. What gas or otherwise, would make the sky permantly red? This has to be compatiable with both the humans and the aliens, because they travel between each other's planets?

2. Is it possible for two similar sized planets, about the size of Mars, to exist on the same orbit, or would they crash into each other because of the force of their gravity?

I hope someone can give me a hand. 



Qur'an in Eurasia; spelling

So, does anyone know the correct way to spell "Muhammed/Muhammad/Mohammad/Mohammed"? I realize that it's difficult because it's in English, but there should be an organized knowledge. I've seen many scholars spell it different ways, so I'm asking for general opinion.

Also, another question, this time about the Qur'an. I know that it is against Islamic law to translate it, and that there are a lot of loops in the States- Usually an accompaniment to the Sharia, a condensed version, et cetera. However, what about different countries on the translation of the Qur'an? I know that you can get a translation easily in Russia, but I'm ignorant as to the rest of Europe and Asia.

Thank you, in advance- This is merely for detail, but I shudder to make a mistake on the subject.
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Russian language question

I need a little more help with Russian that I can't really trust online translators, BabelFish and the like, to provide. What I have is basically the following conversation:

CHAR. 1: What are you reading?
CHAR. 2: War and Peace.
CHAR. 1: Oh, can I borrow it when you're done?
CHAR. 2: It's in Russian. In Russian.

...with the part in bold actually in Russian, as a kind of mocking emphasis. (Character 1 does not speak Russian!) would I say that? In the Cyrillic or Latin alphabet, although if you could give me both, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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White List Updated

Yep, that time again. ;)

Updated the White List. Update includes the 20 comments that were at domynoe's and all comments up to brainstormfront at archer904's.

Enjoy. :)

Also note, for those interested here at litte_details, the Writers Resource Portal should be updated either tonight or tomorrow. Not sure how many new links I'll get in there considering the suddenly too busy state of things, but you might want to check it out tomorrow evening anyway. :)

cross posting everywhere. lol
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Creating an inhabitable planet, again

We've been getting a lot of planet-related questions lately, and I'm going to add to the pile.

The planet in question is Earth-sized, with about the same ratio of landmass to ocean. I'm still deciding on the ways in which it will differ from Earth; a lot of that will depend on the answers I get here.

1. I want their day to be shorter than an Earth day, about fourteen-sixteen hours. However, this would (duh) mean the planet is rotating faster, which would effect the weather. But how much would it effect it? How do I go about figuring that out?

I'm trying to find a balance: I want increased storminess to make long voyages by ocean risky, but I don't want to make it too hard for them to grow crops. I also want an inland sea (sort of like the Mediterranean) to be safe enough to use for trade.

Edit: Okay, it seems I was wrong in thinking that the rotation would effect the weather that much. I'm still looking for input on how to make the planet's oceans too stormy to be good trade routes, though.

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Thanks for any input you can give me.

Edit: I think one of the things I'm going to have to do is draw a map and then post it here for a realism check. I don't plan to go into depth into the science in this story, but I want what I do mention to be realistic. =)