August 25th, 2006

wild thing

Famous List-makers

Odd question but then, aren't they all?

Can anyone think of someone who's sort of notorious for making lists, or colour-coding everything? Preferably a relatively well-known celebrity/fictional character.

Shot in the dark I know, but I apreciate any help I can get. Thanks.

ETA: Thanks very much for everyones help. It's sorted now :)
Saiyaloid Raditz
  • kahteh

Questions about a VERY small sailing ship

This post reminded me of some questions of my own I'd been meaning to ask.

Unfortunately, I keep realising that I'm trying to write about something I don't really know a great deal about. Namely pirate ships.

1. I've found a good deal of information about maximum crew sizes for different types of ship, but not really anything about the minimum size. Would a crew of six to nine men be able to run an early 18th century schooner capably? (NB Because this is a fantasy story, I get a bit of leeway as one of the characters is an engineer who could probably jerry-build something to help them.) I can add more characters if need be, but I only have nine established characters who could work on the ship.

2. If a schooner is too big, are there any other smaller ships that I could give them instead?

3. How many guns would these six to nine men feasibly be able to use, and indeed have on their ship in the first place? (This is one of the situations I can fudge by using the engineer character.)

One thing I should probably point out now: in this story, pirate ships are very rarely seen by themselves. They generally tend to band together in packs, sharing whatever they acquire, because the constant warfare between several of the world's biggest nations means that while the navies are usually preoccupied with fighting each other, it is harder for lone pirate ships to pick them off. This is turn means that there are usually lots of smaller pirate ships, rather than a few big ones. Although six men is still small, even by their standards.

Thanks in advance!
  • shadsie

Raptor Species Compatability

A friend recommended this community to me.

I was working today on making edits to a fantasy novel I've written and I've done my best to strike a balance between real science/well-researched and keeping things approrpriate for a fantasy-world. Something dawned on me today while tweaking Chapter 5.

You see, I have a scene in which a palace falconer is using both a peregrine falcon and a red-tailed hawk in the training of a gryphon-chick. They're training him proper flight techniques, and how to hunt, by example. The red-tailed hawk is, anyway. The peregrine falcon is a jerk and is laughing at the poor cub's ungainly flight.

Anyway... It just dawned on me: would this falconer be *wise* to have both a red-tailed hawk and a peregrine falcon out at the same time? When I wrote the scene, I didn't think the species would be incompatable with each other, but I just had the thought of "Am I sure? Am I really making a huge mistake here? Would a red-tailed hawk and a peregrine falcon sooner KILL each other than share airspace?"

I know quite a bit about certain animals, but can always stand to learn more and I'm woefully short in expertise on birds.

I already looked up stuff on falconry on Wikipedia, and I'm sure sure I can get such a specific and odd question answered on Google.

Lookin' for falconers, zookeepers, people who collect random bits of knowledge on raptors. Thanks in advance.