August 23rd, 2006

Wu Ao Shi

Semiotics Question

Protagonist involuntarily gets mystical tattoo. Said tattoo is an ouroborus (snake swallowing its own tail) twisted in the middle so as to form a lemniscate (infinity symbol, sideways eight).

The question is: is there a name for this combined symbol or is it still just called a lemniscate?
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Post-irradiation infections

All right, I have a couple of specific questions I can't find the answer to, and I can probably do the legwork on symptoms/treatments from there ^^.

I have a character who's been exposed to a three-sievert dose of radiation, and is just coming to the end of a latent phase. According to several resources including Wikipedia's article on radiation sickness and the CDC's physician factsheet on ARS, in the "manifest illness" stage he'd have a "greatly increased risk of infection." But I can't find information on what specific infections are likely to manifest.

1) My theory is that, since the infections result from a damaged immune system, they'd most likely be opportunistic infections, and there would be some similarity to AIDS-related illnesses. Is this a correct assumption?

2) Would pneumonia, specifically pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia, be likely?

Any help on these is much appreciated. I really don't know anything about medicine except what I can glean from Wikipedia and Google.


Catholic Baptism

I searched through the previous posts, but I couldn't find something that went along with what I had in mind.

I am working on a story, where the two main characters are homosexual men. They were raised Catholic, though neither of them really attend worship anymore. They recently adopted a little girl.

Both men want their little girl to have a Baptism in the Catholic church (as that is how they were raised.) Would a priest actually preform the baptism since her parents are gay men?

This story is set a few years in the future in California.

Thanks so much for your help.

Thanks so much for the answers everyone! You've helped so much!
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Naming in traditional Japan

This is a question about historical Japanese culture, specifically the peasant class between the Heian and Edo periods. Assume a peasant family has a daughter that disappears mysteriously. After a while, they give birth to a second daughter. Would it be unthinkable for them to give the second daughter the same name as they'd given the first, in order to forget the existence of the first daughter? Is this within the bounds of realistic Japanese behavior in the peasant class in this period of history?

Mark, pondering

Australian Rules Football, Vic/Auskick

1991, a twelve year old has just moved up to the under fourteens. (There were U14s then?)
Is this the first time he gets to wear club colours?
He lives in Footscray and is a doggies supporter, he attends the local Vickick training for Footscray. So he'd be wearing red, blur and white. What's the youngest age he'd get to wear colours?

Also, was there any continuing resentment against Fitzroy for the failed merger bid?
How invested are the kids and parents going to be in U14 game against Fitzroy? (They would play Fitzroy, yes?)

I'm happy to work with current, rather than contemporary information. I'm also a Saints supporter, so any comments about the Bulldogs and their supporters would be welcome.

It's for a 500 word piece of House fanfic, but I've become obsessive about the historical details. (Like, if anyone wants to tell me the date and score for the game…)

And for my own curiosity, when did they become the Western Bulldogs?
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Pregnancy details for 1950's and present

Hello everyone!

Before we start, I have Google'd this issue thoroughly as well as checked Wikipedia.

I need help identifying a "practice" from the 50's regarding pregnant actresses, which my characters are discussing. Now, as I have understood, actresses were fired once they became pregnant and I believe Lucille Ball was the first to appear on a show pregnant.

"There were several challenges from CBS, insisting that a pregnant woman could not be shown on television, nor could the word "pregnant" be spoken on-air."

I have found this from her Wikipedia article and I'm wondering if this practice was in effect as soon as the television was invented or was it developed somewhere along the way? If Lucille Ball was the first to break this rule, were there others fired after her? Is there a name for this practice and what year was it last used?

Thank you very much for any help you can provide me!
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Translation [English --> Spanish]

It's the last line in the story, and I can't find an online translator that will do this properly. (I've tried Babel Fish ( and Google, and one more (can't remember what it was), but none of them translate the sentence properly: when I translate it back to English to check the phrase, it's all wrong.) Anyways, the phrase:

"May God forgive you."

I know it in French, but I cannot do it in Spanish. Aargh.

Anyways, I don't want a direct translation to "may", but rather sort of the Spanish equivilant to "I hope God forgives you" sort of thing. Or something. Any help would be appretiated. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

EDIT: QUESTION ANSWERED, THANKS EVERYONE! ^^ The story can be found here, if you want to read it.
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Gunshot wound to the leg + drugs

My MC has just been shot by a pistol on about 10 m distance. After escaping the shooter, he's got no access to a hospital. The setting is modern time/a few years into the future.

1. Will it be enough just to clean the wound with brown alcohol/liquid coal to keep infections and gangrene away, or is it necessary to cut away the destroyed tissue?

2. The MC will be drugged on some kind of opioid (morphine, methadone, heroine or something like that). With a first-time user dose (he's never used an opioid before) but with "experience" from cocaine use, how much pain will he feel? Will it be necessary to restrain him while cleaning and suturing the leg or not?