August 20th, 2006


Hijab Amongst Young American Muslims

My google-fu has failed me on this one. I'm getting a lot of contradictory answers and a lot of information that's European-centric instead of focusing on how this situation would play out in the U.S., so I thought I'd see if anyone here had insight:

I have a character who's a second-generation Egyptian-American in her mid-twenties. She's Sunni Muslim, grew up in a mixed religion neighborhood in Chicago, and falls somewhere between upper lower class and lower middle. Her parents are believers, and her mother wears a hijab (but not a veil), but she is herself a little more uncertain about her beliefs. She's the baby of the family and tends to get indulged by her parents a lot, especially her father, so her parents would at most gently encourage certain behaviors, but not be strict about them.

How likely is it that she would wear a hijab? If there are other Muslim families in the neighborhood, how much would they likely care whether she does or doesn't wear one? Would her relatives in Egypt be shocked if she doesn't, or unsurprised that she's adopted a more Americanized appearance?
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Resigning an army commission?

I've been hitting google and wikipedia, and I think I'm understanding the basics of it, but I'm still not feeling certain on it.

Say someone's a Captain in the Army (not US, a fictional country's army, but the ranking system and overall structure of the military is comparable enough) and she's served for nigh on 10 years, including through combat. It's currently peacetime. She isn't part of any special organizations. All in all, she's just an average soldier with exceptional marksmanship and a good service record. Although it is peacetime, the country's had a long, and very recent history of warfare that's only in the last couple years come to a tentative end.

If I understood the documentation I've been able to pull up on google correctly, if someone wishes to resign their commission, they essentially have to complete a form and apply for it, requesting for the resignation?

If I'm not understanding it right, please correct me. Details are appreciated.

EDIT: I believe it's pretty much answered, but if anyone has additional input they feel like sharing, it's welcome.
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Poster boys of the mid to late '80s

In the mid to late '80s, which cute famous guy's poster graced the walls of your bedroom?

PS Thank you for all your great advice these past weeks - writing about the '80s is a lot of fun, but those little details can be hard to get just right.  ::straightens my Frankie Say Relax t-shirt::

Author doing reading at a bookstore

I've done more than a little googling and I haven't been able to find the information that I'm looking for. I'm wondering what the experience of being an author doing a reading (from his/her book) at a bookstore might be like in general, and especially if the book were non-fiction and politically/environmentally focused. I'm thinking of books along the lines of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring or David Kirby's Evidence of Harm, where the author's position on the subject might be somewhat controversial, to the point where some of the people attending the reading might be dissenters. At what point would the publisher of the book provide some sort of security to protect the reading from disruption and the author from possible physical harm? What would the experience of this be like for the author? Can anyone point me toward info that would answer some of these questions?

Thank you!

Red Amaranth, AKA xian cai

Googling the Chinese name found me the English name, but apparently amaranth is also some sort of purple flowering plant and Wiki was useless. I've found lots of info about description and cooking methods, but nothing about what I have in mind. Maybe because it's impossible?

I know from experience that when red amaranth is cooked, it produces a bright pinkish-magenta liquid. My question is, could the plant ever be conceivably used as a cloth dye, perhaps with urine for setting? I'm thinking that they would just boil the leaves, strain, maybe add other colorings to darken, and then dye with the usual medieval dipping method.

Thanks in advance!
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Modern day hippys

Hey, I'd like some help for a RP I'm in. The character I'm playing is a 19 year old Scottish hippy, raised in a little hamlet somewhere outside Elgin in the highlands. She was home-schooled by her parents and was pretty much raised by her grandmother (who's a true flower child), because of the remote-ness of her location she never really interacted with people, but she did have internet access and television while growing up, so she wasn't completely cut off.

I'm not sure if I've explained this very well but what I really want to know is what sort of music would my character listen to? I want her to be a fan of her grandmother's music, but all I know from the sixties are a few songs, rather then bands or anything, so some band names would be good.

I'd also like a bit of help with some sixties slang, I'm getting a little bored at having her just say 'groovy' and 'far out, but those are the only phrases I know.

Thanks, any help will be greatly appreciated, or any websites that you can point me in the direction of that my google-fu missed.