August 18th, 2006

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time from arraignment to hearing?

I have characters living in a near-future oppressive dystopia, so I'm not too worried about the actual *real-world* mechanics of this, but I want it to be believable as well as it is not too distant from now.

I have a character who is hiding political outlaws in her attic. While she is away at work, her house is searched because someone tipped off the authorities, who can do that sort of thing whenever they want. The attic people are all taken away, but they say that she had no clue they were living there. So, she is arraigned to come in for a hearing about the attic people.

My problem is that this is a play, and time is compressed over two weeks. This is towards the end, and I want her to go in for the hearing as soon as possible- like, two days after the searching of her house.

Is this at all believable, even in a fantasy future setting? The particular time and country are not mentioned in the play. I don't want her to be arrested or a big deal made about the attic people, since everything is hushed up as opposed to held up as a loud "warning" or whatever.

I've only known one person who had to go in for a hearing, and that was like months after- but I imagine for different charges it's different? She is not harbouring criminals or fugitives, but people who have had their citizenship and rights stripped from them and are hiding from persecution.

EDIT: Thanks for the responses everyone. :)
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Name that Poisonious Plant!

Either google is failing me, or I'm just not typing in the right phrases.

I'm looking for a specific poison that I can't remember the name of. It is or comes from a decently common plant and it works by paralyzing either the heart or lungs (or both, and it may very well paralyze the entire body.) Treatment is to put the person on life support until it wears off. As far as I remember it has no other, or only minimal permanent effects on the body, and none on the mind.

If anyone knows what plant I'm talking about (or can suggest similar poisons,) it would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Solved, I do believe! Thanks for the suggestions and help everyone, and I'm sorry I took so long to get back to you.
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Japanese Businessmen and Social Pressure

Quick question: Is it generally expected for businessmen (particularly
prominent ones, if there's a diffrence) to marry in Japan, and if so,
to what degree?

(Fandom-Specifically: Would there be social pressure on Seto Kaiba to
marry once he reached a certain age, or is my brain making things up
again? *Laugh*)

Thank you for whatever you can tell me! ^^
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Weather in various parts of the USA

Hi, had a look in the tags for the community, but didn't see anything like what I'm wondering. It's kinda hard to know what to google, too, since I really need personal, lived impressions.

So, my question!

I want to know what states/ciries/regions in the USA have the most extreme or iconic seasons.

For Summer, I really want somewhere tropical, or sub-tropical, like that really humid weather where you can't even think it's so hot, and if there's a breeze it's heavy and sticky, and you can't even get cool in the shade. I was thinking maybe Florida, or possibly Mexico proper.

Autumn I need one of those places where the leaves fall off the trees and you get the winds, possibly rain? I was thinking maybe somewhere up in New England, but then I also want to use that region for Winter. I don't know when the rainy season would be in New England; West Coast it's in spring, isn't it?

Winter, I need somewhere that snows. So yeah, New England leaps to mind--or maybe somewhere like Ohio? Can one expect to get snow all across the north east of the USA?

Spring, I need somewhere that rains, so I'm thinking Washington State (I've lived there as well which would make it easier to write, I think), and unless my memory fails me, WA gets some pretty nice spring greenery as well. Is there anywhere else where one would just want to be for Spring, it's so beautiful?

I'd love personal impressions rather than meteorological statistics (which, yeah, I can look up). I could totally do this for Australia (um... if anyone needs a rundown of seasons in Aus, I'm your girl! *thumbs up*), but my knowledge of the USA is mostly through pop culture, so... not entirely accurate, I'd imagine.

Thanks for your time!

To the mod: sorry! I had a subject line, and then semagic went and vanished the subject line toolbar and I guess the subject line went with it. I only just rediscovered the toolbar, and have now added a subject line again. Sorry to be a pest.

ETA: Wow, thanks for the amazing responses, I think I've got all I need. ♥ ♥

Sites of Interest

Hi there, I just thought I'd share some sites I've come across lately while doing research.

Wonder why those laptop batteries explode? How Stuff Works

Need to know more about Rastafarian or Zoroastrianism? Meta-Religion

Want to compare the Bible written in English with one in Esperanto (or other languages)? Site Berea

Need to know the definition, synonym, usage, multi-lingual translation, and even more than you'd ever want to know about the word "Bathroom"? Websters Online

I love reading entries in this group. You guys/gals are the most intellegent group of people I've never met.


A question about seasons...

Hello, this is maybe a strange question, but... I was wondering if a tree which grows in the north hemisphere and undergoes variations through the seasons (leaves getting red in autumn, falling in winter) would do the same kind of thing if planted in the southern hemisphere.
Leave falling depends on the light (duration of the day vs duration of the night), so could a small variation in light make the leaves fall ?
I know the vegetation in tropical countries is different from vegetation in colder countries (like Europe). I would like to know if it's possible to have a "red" autumn in a tropical country, if the vegetation is the one that normally undergoes seasons.
Thanks !!!

Crossing Canada in the mid 1970s

For a fanfic I'm working on. I have two characters driving from Toronto to Fairbanks Alaska via Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, and Whitehorse. I can find maps of the route easily enough, but I'm looking for what kinds of scenes they might pass as they go. Driving across the US at that time I'd expect to see Giant Concrete Prairie Dogs, etc., and find odd little roadside stands with cheap souvenirs and "museums" of dubious quality.

Are the motels likely to be the "drive up and park by a long row" or the "cabin" type or both? And what restaurants/stores are going to be in every small town you drive through. Woolworths? McDonalds? Pizza Hut?

Did the Mounties have the green coats as well as the red coats by '76?

Last question, about what part of the road would you start to be able to see the Rockies? My characters are British, and all that one of them knew about Canada before she visited the first time came from watching "Rose Marie" several times.
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tanning patterns under a beard

I tried to think of ways to Google this, but it's a bit specific and weird. If a Caucasian man with a fairly deep tan and a fairly thick beard shaved that beard off, would the skin beneath it be as tan as the rest of his face, or would it be paler? (This is before the invention of sunscreen, if that makes a difference.)

Thanks in advance!