August 14th, 2006

Hiding a Pregnancy

This question is too specific for google.

Would it be possible for a spy to hide her pregnancy until the fifth month from her husband? In other words, she's five months pregnant before she tells him, and has been hiding it until that point. One of my friends says that it is impossible for her to hide it beyond her third month, claiming that after ten years of marriage, the husband would notice instantly. I say that it's possible that she would be able to hide it from him. I'm not quite sure which direction to follow...

River swimming query

I have a scene in which a strong swimmer jumps into a river from a dock and then tries to swim back. I was told that was impossible, because not even the strongest swimmer could swim back to a spot in a river unless he could stand on a sandbar.

First, can anyone tell me if the above is true, and secondly, is there any way a person could jump into a river from a dock and get back to that dock against the current (swimming, or thrown a rope?). I grew up an ocean swimmer and have never ever swam in a river. None of my surf-swimming rules seem to apply! Any interesting details on river swimming would be of great interest and appreciated!
  • efbq


I've been able to find lots of historical data on Tejanos, and a fair number of comments that there is a significant difference between the Colonial Tejano and New Tejano cultures, but very little which describes either, or how they would differ from Latin American culture in general.

Can anyone give me a pointer to an English language resource on this? Is there any good fiction about what growing up a Tejano in (say) Corpus Christi would be like?
emma frost
  • oldby21

British slang/terms of endearment

Because Google and the various books in my room aren't providing a whole lot of help.

Let's say you've got a gay English couple, both men in their late-twenties, early-thirties, thereabouts. Would they be likely to refer to each other as "love?" My instincts say yes, but every "guide" book I find either doesn't make that distinction, or in one memorable instance, says that women use it indiscriminately but men never use it among men. Of course, it failed to mention what would happen if those men really were in love.

Along that line, are there other affectionate names that could be used? I know the standards still exist like honey and sweetheart and everything, but are there any other distinctly British ones out there floating around? Doesn't have to be gender-specific or anything in this case, I'm just curious.

Oh, and one last thing: what are some general terms of abuse amongst UK citizens when referring to one another? The only one I know of is "sassanach" so I'm looking for anything else close to that, regardless of place of origin. Again, I've tried the usual "British English to American English" lexicon sites online, but so far I've been unable to find one that A) lists terms the British use with each other and not just what other countries say about them/vice-versa and B) actually distinguishes from what region the name/phrase/whatever comes.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • _dahne_

Female military translators

Would it be possible for a woman to serve in the military as an Arabic translator in Iraq? In the "front lines," so to speak; out on the streets patrolling, going around to houses at night to apprehend suspects, etc.

Also, if someone is serving in the Middle East in the military, and they get the news that their spouse and child back home have been killed, say, in a car accident, do they get sent back, or do they just have to deal with it and serve out the rest of their time?

I've tried Google and Wikipedia, but my sk1llz fail in l33tness. It's just a bit of background stuff for the intro to a story, but I hate getting these things wrong.