August 10th, 2006

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Tether Ball Game

When I was a kid when dinosaurs in acid wash jeans ruled the earth, we had a backyard game that was like tether ball (in that you hit a ball attached with a rope around a pole until one of you wrapped the rope completely around the pole), but it had a much smaller ball, plastic, and you used paddles instead of your hands.

What is the name of this game? Does it even have a name? Was it just called tether ball, too?

I searched "paddle ball, tether ball, backyard games, outdoor games, and pole paddles game" in Google and Google Images, and "tether, ball, and paddle" on ebay. I'm at a loss where to look next.
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Help me pick this character's college (basketball help)!

I asked some questions about a month ago about this, but now that I have things more fully developed, I'm asking for more specific help.

I have a character who is 17, male, and lives in southwest CT in a small town. He's the star of his school's basketball team, but I have no idea how he would rank in any sort of larger grouping. His GPA is probably something like 3.15. He wants to play basketball in college for a D1 school, but isn't necessarily looking to play professionally after school. His concerns are 1) scholarship money, 2) playing time, 3) proximity to home.

Now, I know very little about basketball, college athletics in general, D1 schools, or non-academic scholarships. Could someone give me an idea of what his chances would be with UConn as well as what some other schools within 2 hours max of the New Haven or Stamford area would be where he could play and get at least a partial scholarship?
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A short story I remember...

I'm looking for the title/origin of a short story or piece of folklore I remember where there's a man caught in the churchyard a number of times who turns out to be eating the corpses. I can't seem to tack it down to anything in particular, although I've been searching around for a bit. For all I know it could be from those books of scary short stories with the sketchy, creepy artwork that were popular when I was younger. Ring a bell for anyone?

Legality of necrophilia in New Jersey?

What are the laws regarding necrophilia in the state of New Jersey? Wikipedia has absolutely no mention of NJ's laws in particular, and Googling hasn't turned up much.

This is really just for a tiny throwaway joke, but the character who says it is probably knowledgeable enough to know what the penalty would actually be.
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