August 9th, 2006

ISO Author and title of butterfly perfume story.

I read this story a number of years ago and I hope someone will recall the source.

It was set in ancient Japan or China. A famous courtesan was admired by a nobleman with terrible B.O. He loved her, and wrote her poetry, but was too ashamed of his odor to approach her.

He heard about a perfume, distilled from a rare butterfly, that was so powerful that applying one drop would scent a person for the rest of their life.

Desperate with love, he spends his fortune to aquire the perfume and uses it. Alas, the courtesan is inexplicably terrified when he approaches- it seems she has an irrational fear of butterflies and the fragrance of the permanent perfume repels her utterly.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Is it a folk tale or modern short story?

ETA- I googled this every which way but all I come up with are 'Madame Butterfly' related pages and advertisements for butterfly perfume bottles.
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Burns, pain, and burning pain.

Hi. So, I'm designing a character for a fantasy setting. Said character is an excessively confident mage, and likes to show off. At one point, the character really screws up their spellcasting and ends up with really nasty fire burns all over their front from thighs to chest.

For story purposes, the burns should result in permanent scars and crippling.. third, fourth degree, maybe?

Anything concerning third degree and up and the aftermath would be great, but comparisons of first and second would be good too. Joint burns, limb burns, face burns, genital burns, anything. I don't have any personal experience with burns higher than second, so I need all the help I can get.

Thanks in advance!

Jacky Custis

John "Jacky" Parke Custis - Martha Washington's son who died during the American Revolution. I have a memory of learning that he once had a childhood nickname that went beyond Jacky. Jackybird, or Jaybird, or something like that, something to do with a bird.

If it existed, Google knows nothing of it, but then, it seems to know little about Jacky at all except that he had an affair with a slave woman once. If the nickname existed I probably heard it on a tour of either Arlington Cemetary or Mount Vernon, years and years ago. Can anybody help me out, confirm or deny?
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Accidents that cause paralyzation and muteness

I was wondering if anyone knew what type of accident can cause a person to become completely paralyzed and unable to speak. In other words, the person would be able to hear and see everything, but unable to respond. Does anyone have any clue? I know Huntington's Disease does this to a person, but I was wondering more along the lines of something like certain exposure to fire, or if a certain nerve was damaged. Thanks in advance to any help you can provide. :)

ETA: I did Google this, but it's pretty difficult to google something so specific.
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MOD POST: Rule reminder & policy change

That people often don't attempt their own research before posting here has been a problem since little_details was created. Up until now I've been willing to give (almost) everyone the benefit of a doubt, because I didn't want to reject or delete someone's post if they actually had searched.

But just posting reminders isn't working.

From now on I'll be rejecting posts if I think that the author obviously didn't attempt to research them first. If you're afraid that your post will be rejected, here are two things that you can do:

1. Research your question first. No, seriously! Google! Wikipedia!

2. Mention how you searched, such as whether you looked on Wikipedia, what search terms you used on Google, etc.

I'll still make mistakes (I know I'll reject posts that should be approved and vice versa), but you can always resubmit with a note that you did search. And of course, the community can still gripe at you if they feel I was too lenient.

If this doesn't work I'll have to come up with something else that will likely be even more annoying to deal with, so PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, OKAY?

Edit: And please be specific when you ask a question. Don't ask for a fatal illness, ask for a fatal illness that's curable in modern times and has symptoms x, y, z. We don't know what you need to know until you tell us, so you've got to tell us.
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Personal experiences with heroin

Alrighty, then. I researched heroin on google. I then typed in 'personal experiences with heroin' in the search box. I went through a few pages. I found personal experiences with long-term heroin use, personal experiences with methadone (if I wanted that, I'd ask my mother), personal experiences coming off of heroin, and personal experiences selling heroin, but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT HOW IT MAKES YOU FEEL AND ACT.

I am well aware of the colour of heroin. I am well aware of the ways to use heroin. And I am well aware of the effects of heroin- 'euphoria, dry mouth, slurred speech, and for a few hours afterwards, being awake one moment and half-asleep the next, this, that, whatever, etc.'

We have a sixteen-year-old, 5'2, 82 pound boy (who was malnourished during his fifteenth year) who's just been given a mainlined injection of the stuff.

And I don't want technical facts. I want details. I want to see this scene through the eyes of someone who's used it, and I want the way it makes you act, because me going out and getting some is not a pleasant option. If somehow it's Not Allowed to ask for experiences, uh...whoops.

Mad (it's going to suck if asking for experiences really ISN'T allowed...) love,

Edit: And if you want to stay anonymous but still help me out, my e-mail address is

Edit 2: Thanks a lot, everyone! Someone had actually sent me the link I needed just before the rest of the suggestions for that site came in. XD Either way, I have what I need now and life is shiny again.
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Do Australian elections have write-ins?

I'm doing a quick-sweep of Wikipedia to learn about Australian elections and how they differ from American ones. It appears Australians don't vote for the candidate for PM, they vote for the party. The party who gets the most control of seats in the House of Representatives or the Senate gets to put their man in as PM. (If I've gotten this much wrong, please correct me -- I'm in the middle of writing something and I'm trying not to get too distracted, but this is important.)

Is there any such thing as a "write-in candidate" in Australian elections? Say for instance the head of a certain organisation were to do something to make himself immensely popular, but he isn't officially running for any office. The people love him and want him to lead the country, since in my story, the official government is doing a very poor job. Do they have the power or the means to put this man into power?

Thank you in advance for fielding my question. Once the Muse quits hitting me I'll do heavier research, but she's mad enough at me just now for diverting to ask you this! :)