August 8th, 2006


Female comic book heroines

Okay, I've got a female main character who's looking to adopt something of a sobriquet/nickname/callsign. Given her personal background it makes sense she'd probably choose the name of a comic book (super)heroine (or possibly an antihero/supervillian), but I'm having trouble thinking of anything beyond the obvious.

She's the upfront ass-kicking type, rather than the stealthy-sneaky type, the mystic type or the seductress, but I can't find a comic book name that suits her. Most of the female superheros seem to have names that are wrong for her, derived from their male equivalents (Supergirl? pffft.) or just flat out dodgy (hi, "Wonder Woman"? Uh, no.)

The best I've got at the moment is Valkyrie, who - in a comics sense - was a member of The Defenders in the Marvel Universe, but Valkyrie as a name seems kind of generic (probably because the comic character's so minor-league). So, um, yeah. I'd love to hear what you've got. Help! :)

Edit: Thanks for all the suggestions! I've decided to go with Domino, since it's the best compromise between 'appropriate name' and 'doesn't sound terrible in context'. Thanks!

Women of Color--Hair Question of a sorts...

I'm writing a story where two women are remembering an incident from their private high school years. Both are blue collar girls from stable homes. One girl is African-American, and the other is white. The African American girl had caused some of her her to fall out by overprocessing--too much relaxer, and had refused to come into school. Eventually one of the teachers, a former hair dresser and teacher at a beauty school, convinced her to come in if she did her hair. The teacher treated the scalp for the burns and showed her how to use the hair to cover the lost sections. In the course of events, she said something to the girl about her hair that told the girl she understood what her hair was, and how to deal with it. Literally, and figuratively. What did she say?

Note: This is somehwat based on a real incident and it's actually important to the action it occur this way. :-) I just can't remember for the life of me what Ms. Scully told Shenika.
Dirty Dancing by shirasade

Dirty Dancing release date

I've looked and looked, but can't find it.

What month in 1987 was the movie Dirty Dancing released? You just might be able to pull it from your personal memories of the event! :0D

Thank you as always. ::uses my Dirty Dancing icon for the occasion::
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Multilingual Babies

Okay, this is a rather bizarre question, but bear with me. A baby has three languages spoken around her, Hebrew exclusively by her mother, then English and another one (an alien language, it's a sci-fi story). Would she learn them all? How would this affect her speaking (would she talk later than normal, etc.)? What else do you think I should know?

Information about the song "Solovii?"

Does anyone know anything about the song "Solovii?" The English title is "Nightingales" I am not sure how exactly it is spelled in Russian as I've only found the title transliterated. It's on the CD "Echoes of a Red Empire," of which the information states it was of the WWII era, but I don't know when or by whom it was written. There is no entry, as far as I can find, on Wikipedia, and my google searching in English and French doesn't turn up anything. I've tried searching a little in Russian but I don't understand anything I find. I'd like the lyrics, the translation, the history and all of that, if possible, so if you know any websites or have personal knowledge about it, that would be great. 

If this helps, it is also featured in the film East/West (by Sergei Bodrov.) 

Thanks in advance!
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Severed finger using glass, and the medical aftermath

So my character had some fun with alcohol, heroin and valium (he's a real smart guy, yeah), then went home with the wrong kind of guy, who is now planning on cutting off my guy's fingers. Right now, the plan is to have my guy lose the first two digits of his pinky (and then stuff happens so he can get away).

Would a smashed bottle do the job? The character doing the cutting is strong, but wants to do this slowly. Would he be able to cut through the bone with, basically, a piece of glass?
Edit: Yeah, I figured the bone would be the issue. XD Now thinking that the guy will break my guy's finger first, then cut over/through the broken area. Is that at all plausible? o_O

How badly would medical treatment be needed? My guy fears hospitals, and is without money and insurance in any case. He's not likely to even think of attempting to get the finger reattached until it's far too late (more likely to wear it as a necklace), and I read pinkies are difficult to attach right as it is. But would he need stitches?

I think that's it for now. Thanks!
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Repealing an amendment (to the US Constitution)

I've researched this and I think I understand it, but I really want to make sure, so:

I'm writing something in which an amendment that was added to the Constitution in the early 90's is repealed because it came to some disastrous results. How exactly would the amendment be repealed? Is it really as easy as making another amendment that says it's repealed (like with the first section of the 21st)? And how fast could a new amendment to repeal the old be ratified in a state of emergency with near-unanimous backing?

Thank you!
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Sriptwriting for television

My protagonist, a twentysomething male, is curently working as a writer for an original drama on a small terrestrial channel, the equivalent of either channel 4 or 5 in the UK.

Who does he report to, as it were? Producers, script supervisors? How frequently would he have to deal with them?
How much free reign does he get on what to write? This is for a sci-fi drama, and from what I understand he'd be assigned an episode or two within the series to write, but would the show have storyliners like soaps do or would it be a bit more free and write-what-you-feel-like?
How would he know if the script was accepted & given the okay? Would this be in a sort of face to face meeting or could he just chuck it completed at someone and it'd be out of his hands?
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U.S. Air Force Team Building Exercises

Can anyone here provide examples of team-building exercises that would be used in the U.S. Air Force (either anecdotal or a good reference site)? Time period can be anywhere from 2000 back to approximately 1968 (my best guess as to when the character would have entered the Academy).

Google & wiki have provided me with many documents emphasizing the importance of such exercises, but not much of the kinds of actual activities that would be used.

A question about (the lack thereof) Japanese titles

I'm not too sure if I should be asking another question so soon, but I've got a huge plot bunny on my hands.

Now, onto the subject:

In Japan, when is it appropriate for two people to refer to each other by given name without an attached title? I really, really don't want to keep on typing out -chan after -chan after -chan. And what do you do in Japan when you meet a person you're not familiar with but don't know their last name?

Thanks is very much appreciated.

EDIT: Meh, I guess I'll just drop the -chan (and the -kun also), even if I'm going to use the other suffixes. (occassionally) 
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Body Modification - Subdermal Implants.

I've got a character who's getting a subdermal implant. Nothing fancy - it's a werewolf story, and the character basically needs to get as much metal under their skin as possible in order to stay in human shape. 

Having wiki'd and googled this, I've managed to find plenty of pictures and explanations of what subdermals are, but very little on the insertion procedure. How are they done? How much do they hurt? How much (or how little) scarring can be expected? Details would be great, but right now I'd kill for even a vague idea of the procedure involved. 

Also, is there any terminology I should be aware of, either regarding the procedure itself or terms (both technical and slang) for the implant itself? 

Thanks in advance.