July 29th, 2006

Lyssa: Giomanach
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Anglo Saxon Culture and introductions

Hello guys,

My Google-Fu isn't working on this--does anyone know how Saxons handled introductions? What I'm writing is set in about 876 CE, and while I've found plenty to suggest that shaking hands was around then, did the Saxons in particular do this? For context, I have a character who's just been enslaved by a Viking raiding party, and he's meeting another slave, of Roman Briton descent. Is this plausible? Thank you in advance.

storms at sea

How long would a moderately-sized typhoon/hurricane last? I.e., for one edge to pass, then the eye, then the opposite edge for a moderately stationary location, say a tanker or buoy or floating fortress.

And by moderately-sized I mean powerful enough to create large waves at sea and destroy a fishing boat, but not powerful enough to capsize a warship.

Also, what would be the standard procedure for when someone gets caught in one of these storms and sticking to the edge isn't an option? Try to sail to the eye and follow it? Try to go ahead and sail to the edge, assuming you can figure out where it is? Or batten down the hatches and start praying?

Recoils and Service Weapons

My Google-fu has failed me again, and I don't know the first thing about firearms, so here's my questions.
Necessary Background Information: The woman who would be firing both these guns is an experienced policewoman and familiar with guns. She's five feet even, but has a good deal of muscle mass, probably weighs around 110-120 pounds and is equally experienced in the martial arts (Aikido, specifically).
1) If this woman was to fire a .44 Magnum, what would the recoil be like for her? This is not her gun, she's not familiar with it and this is a self-defense situation, so she doesn't have time to settle herself in preparation of the recoil. Would it launch her across the room, rock her back, knock her off her feet?
2) What kind of weapon would she probably normally be carrying? My research suggests that most police departments use semi-automatic self-loading firearms, and canon clues suggest that she carries a small-caliber handgun while on duty (off-duty she's been known to use everything from a modified paintball gun to a shotgun). However, I can't seem to find anything specific for her department (Chicago PD). Any clues on this would be extremely helpful.
Thanks in advance!

ETA: Fixed embarrassing typo.
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Wounds and fever/delirium: medical questions

I have a character who receives a bullet wound which most likely goes untreated for a few days, other than bandaging and possibly cleansing or even cauterising it. It doesn't involve any vital organs and bleeding is contained, but under what circumstance could he develop an infection that might lead to an extended fever and fever-related delirium? Could his condition be successfully treated without professional medical intervention - or at most, only moderate medical intervention, preferably some which could be administered by an untrained friend? (It is imperative that he stay out of actual hospitals.) I'd prefer to stay away from the gangrene/loss of limb solution, btw.

If medical advice/intervention is needed, would the patient's two friends be encouraged to warm/cool the patient's body (ice, etc, to bring the fever down - or might he develop chills as a result), with relation to the fever, in this instance? Would the delirium be treated separately, or at all? What topical treatment to the wound itself would be necessary? Story is set in the present, in a large US city, and the characters could potentially have access to information via the internet, and general over-the-counter remedies and medical supplies, if that helps.

Thank you for any help you can provide, with regards to any of these questions. :)
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The moon after air

I'm writing a fantasy comic where a series of "wormholes" open between a moon like ours (ie dusty and airless, though not necessarily the same gravity, rotation etc) and a number of earth-like planets.

I realise this is a pretty out-there hypothetical situation, but maybe some of you guys are better at extrapolating that me :) I have a lot of related questions, so any answers or ideas are welcome. I've googled "moon" with "atmosphere", "temperature" and "terraform", any obvious terms I've forgotten are welcome too!

So: what would it be like on this moon? There'd be an incredibly strong wind sucking air from the planets onto the moon, and as a result it would get very dusty, but how dusty? Worse than a desert? How quickly would the air spread? Would the area near the wormholes remain windy but breathable with more even temperatures? If a whole bunch of wormholes opened up all over the place would the wind "cancel out" or just get really turbulent? I know that currently the moon is very hot during the day and very cold at night, presumably as the atmosphere thickened this would even out pretty quickly? Would it not be so extreme if the days were shorter than the moon's 28 earth days? What about rain?

So, yes, any thoughts would be great. I've actually committed to a highly inaccurate interpretation (I forgot the hot during the day thing for a start) by putting some comics online, but I can always go back and change them :)

EDIT: Yes, I am aware our moon lacks an atmosphere due to being too light to sustain one, but as has been pointed out it this is a long term thing, it could still hold onto one for a very long time. Also the moon I'm dealing with is quite a bit heavier than ours, more like mars.

US/Canada Border Crossings

I know when Americans cross into Canada while driving, they'd be asked for ID and maybe searched. What else would they be asked? Would they have to fill in a declaration form like on airplanes? Would the border guard more likely be friendly or grumpy? How paranoid are they since Sept 11th? Do you have a good border crossing story? I'm just looking for some little details to make the scene more interesting. :0D

Legality of Aquiring Certain Guns

I have a character who is a cop-turned-paranormal investigator. He resigns from the NYPD early in the story, and thusly turns in his official sidearm.

However, he has his own personal gun - a Desert Eagle, to be exact. My question is, can civilians own DEs legally? If so, how hard are they to aquire? If not, is it unreasonable to assume that an ex-cop would have a bit of...leeway in one place or another?