July 28th, 2006

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Egyprian mythology & musculature from armour-wearing

So, I have two not-really-completely-unrelad tequestions.

#1: is there any mpreg in the Egyptian mythology? I have this feeling that I am either missing something blatantly obvious.... (Why I need to know: I have a mummy accidentally drinking a fertility potiion, and the maker of said potion makes a bitchy comment "Just be happy you're not shacking up with a guy, wouldnöt want you to end up like X" )

#2: Musculature born form wearing armour. So, I have this guy who'äs for the past en years spent a LOT of time wearing a costume/armour thing that weighs roughly 20 kg/45 lbs. we're talking extended wear - severa hous at a time for several days a week. Often with sternous activity of the rockstar on stage kind involved. Assuming he doesn't go to a gym regularly or have any other serious physical pursuits, what sort of musculature would he have developed? Note: he doesn't do much swinging-heavy-objects-like-weapons-around kind of a thing, but it DOES happen.
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Foster Care in Texas

My main character, who is a police officer, has been called to collect an abandoned child. I need to know what the process would be for evaluating the child and placement in foster care in the state of Texas. The Department of Family and Protective Services web site and the Texas statutes weren't much help.

What happens in an evaluation? How would they place her?

Getting From East St Louis to Chicago on $20

Character is a 13 year old boy.

Character needs to get to Chicago from East St Louis and back. Hopefully in one day but maybe two.

On a school day.

Character has $20 cash.

According to the Amtrak website there doesn't seem to be a train station on East St Louis.

According to the Greyhound website there doesn't seem to be a bus station on East St Louis.

How do people get out of East St Louis?

Edit: For plot reasons I can't bring St Louis into this. Sorry, forgot to mention that.

Edit 2 (Electric Boogaloo): Guess he's going to have to hitchhike...
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Okay, I just joined this community (yay).

1. If someone falls asleep and doesn't wake up (lapses into a coma), what would a
modern doctor do? Is this possible? What would be some causes of this? None involving
something you wouldn't go to the doctor for, physical violence (concussion for
example), or a chronic disease (diabetes is one I've heard and in this situation
that won't work).
2. Do people in comas ever hear what happening around them? I've heard stories
about people under anesthesia waking up in the operating room and hearing the
doctors talking around them but still being paralyzed and anesthetized, but does that ever happen when you're in a coma? Would the doctors know if this happened?

That's pretty much it.
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Colloquial French?

Hi, I'm writing a story invovling a magical knight who uses the incantation "Give me your heart" (in the metaphorical sense) to cast an important spell. Because the basic concept of knighthood was introduced to the English speaking world by the French, I like the incantation to be in French.

However while there are plenty of French translators and dictionaries online, I can't find the term in French equivilent to a person's "heart", or "light". Or would just "âme" be best to use?

ETA: Tnanks I have my answer, I appreciate the help everyone gave me.

Possible environmental changes?

For a currenlty undetermined period of time--at least a century or two, possibly a few millenia--the geomancers in my little fantasy world have been increasing the fertility of the local farmland. Unbeknownst to them, they've been doing this by stripping the lands on the other side of the mountains of nutrients.

I came up with this scenario because I wanted a pretext for putting a desert--or some area hostile to human life--in a place where there probably shouldn't be one. I think the region would realistically get somewhere between forty and sixty inches of rain per year, so I doubt that a dust bowl or desertification could really occur.

Can anyone please tell me what might actually happen to those lands--or at least what I could look up to work it out?

EDIT: Question answered. Thanks, everyone!
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Quirky medical trivia/jargon and procedure for spec scripts?

Asked this over at thequestionclub, didn't get much response, let's see if it goes any better here!

For a story I'm writing:

1) Say I write a spec script for a TV show. If it matters, let's say it's a fairly popular comedy show on a major network that's been on for a few seasons now. Now that the script is done, what's my next step? How do I get it looked at? (Let's also assume I'm a nobody, which is true, but so is my character ;) )

2) I also need sort of TV-esque medical jargon/trivia, of the sort they might use on a show like House or Grey's Anatomy or Scrubs. I've already got a link to http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~kemmer/Words04/usage/jargon_medical.html, which is very helpful, but the script my character is writing involves a scene with a group of interns and I need some fun rounds questions they can get asked, stuff they can get thrown at them, etc.

Thanks in advance, of course.

Atrophy in confinement

If a person were confined in a cell for 3 months and had very limited movement, what would their body be like at the end of the 3 months?

Specifically, this person has room to stand, although hunched over. Chains are wrapped around his lower legs and his hands are also manacled together. He can sit or lay.

So...how weak would this person be at 3 months? Assume he was in excellent condition going in.
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Chemical Drug Analysis

What are some of the physical things that would be involved in the procedures to analyze the chemical content of drugs? If it helps to know, I've got a few kinds of herbal medicines and my characters want to know if they really are what they say they are. (Both pills and a salve.)

What is physically involved? Crushing the pills? Putting them in a solution? Looking under a microscope? A centrifuge, maybe? Stuff like that. What does it look like when people are performing this work?
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Treatment of a wound while stranded on a wrecked space station

I have people stranded (edit: rescue from the nearest Navy fleet is a week's hard travel away) on the top four decks of a very badly damaged space station in an isolated region of space, following an attack by pirates and an evacuation which was supposed to take all 15,000 inhabitants, but left behind 1,300, mostly staff but also some civilians. The station's infirmary is very advanced and very trashed, but a small hoard of supplies was saved from getting torched.

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