July 21st, 2006

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Hello all. I've done some reasearch on this both online and in an actual flesh and blood library. But I'd like to hear what you all think as well because all of the information I've managed to find is slightly vague.

So back in the day (way back in the day) the Chinese "invented" gunpowder and used it against the Mongols. All I'm wondering is how powerful this stuff was. Some sources say the Chinese merely used it to scare the Mongols since something like gunpowder was very new to the world. Some said it decimated the approaching Mongol army.

How powerful was this stuff? Could it kill an army? Or even destroy a nice, sturdy stone wall? I'm sure it got more potent as time went on, but I don't want to think much beyond the 13th or 14th century for my purposes (even though it was invented long before that). Thanks.
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Legal disinterrment

I can't seem to find any webpages on this or anything. What are some legal reasons a corpse might be disinterred after burial? I just need one (recently dead, maybe a few weeks) corpse dug back up for pretty much any reason.

Thank you!

Anaphylactic Shock/Cardiac Arrest

I have a character who's suffering from anaphylactic shock, and I also need him to have a cardiac arrest.  My questions are:

1.  Is it likely that anaphylactic shock would bring on a huge cardiac arrest, or is this most unusual?
2.  Assuming that he does have the cardiac arrest, what action would the paramedics take when treating him at the scene?

I've looked on Wikipedia, but there isn't much about the actual procedures involved, so I thought I'd turn to you guys for help...

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early 1900's fashion and knowledge of the Bolshevik Revolution

Hi! Two questions today.

I was wondering, does anyone have any information on Russian fashion in the 1910's? Specifically very formal women's wear. My character is a lesser nobility in Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution. She's an only child and her mother died, so her father lets her get away with much more than most people. What are some colors/styles/patterns that she would wear that would be considered slightly promiscuous?

Secondly, how much knowledge was there before the revolution of the Bolshevik party? I know they had been heard of, but were people suspecting them of wanting to overthrow the tsar? Were people talking about them the way people nowdays discuss political parties?

Thanks a bunch!
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Air Force funerals/uniform regulations

The combination of circumstances in this makes it really, really difficult to find the answers I want.

Situation: a major in the U.S. Air Force dies, and is given a military funeral. Her CO delivers the eulogy. (Question 1: is this reasonable?) She was a decorated combat pilot killed on duty. (Question 2: does she get a fly-by? A gun salute? Both?) Her body was not recovered. (Question 3: is an empty casket used in the funeral?) Her CO is temporarily wheelchair-bound at the time of the funeral, though not with a head injury or related. (Question 4: does he wear a hat/cover? If so, at what points during the funeral? The entire thing? Certain parts?)

Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!