July 14th, 2006

London 1970s Law

I have a story set in London in 1977, and I have questions about two scenarios.


Three guys see their best friends being arrested. They hurry toward their friends. The police (who are actually NOT police, but everyone thinks they are) think that the guys are going to attack, so they strike them down. The guys fight back. There is a fight, the guys are eventually subdued and brought to the police station.
What would they be charged with?


White workers at a textile mill hear that their fellow workers who are Jamaican and West Indian are mistreated, discriminated against, and underpaid by the bosses. The workers against this sort of behavior organize a walkout. One night they all walk out of the factory and stand outside saying various anti-oppression things in chorus, and making anti-discrimination speeches through megaphones. All told, there are about two or hundred of them (realistic number?) milling around outside the mill. Then, a racist party shows up and starts yelling things back at them through megaphones and chanting their own RACIST chants. In this scenario, what would the bosses of the mill do? What would the police do?


Title of a young adult book

I have a specific book in mind, but I cannot for the life of my remember its name.

It's a book for young adults, and the main theme of the book is this boy (I think between 8 and 13) who has a babysitter who's being beaten by her boyfriend. He tried to help her escape, but she emotionally could not leave him and had to turn around. She also had a baby by this dude (the boyfriend, not the kid). I also remember that the kid rode a Day-Glo bike, because his mom was overprotective.

I have Googled to no end and CANNOT figure this out. Does anybody know the title of this book?

Thank you, "Cracker Jackson" it is. You guys are magic.