July 12th, 2006

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Recognizing OCD

I have tried reading up on obsessive compulsive disorders, but can't seem to find any information on how someone can recognize OCD in a friend/family member. Is it possible at all?

A friend of my main character struggles with OCD. No hand washing, but a lot of rituals, counting in threes, he has to check up on his friends to make sure they are still alive and arrange his clothes and items in patterns.

Would a normal sixteen-year-old recognize this as an OCD, or what would she think of his "strange" behavior?
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Is it possible to attend a school like UConn at the age of 16? (Like maybe if you're some genius or something.) Does it take only four years to earn your degree as a RN or do you need a few additional years?

Is it possible to get work as a nurse at the age of 20, almost 21?

Passport details

Hello ! For the website I'm doing for my book and for the book itself (http://www.lesenfantsdelo.com), I have quite an unusual resquest : passports.
First of all, I tried to look on the internet, and I can't find what I want, because passports are not really the kind of images that pop up on the web that often. (I mean, the new, machine readable passports)
What I'm looking for is the translation for :

Type (as in type of passport), code (as in contry code), passport n° (keep the abbreviation here)

Given Name(s)
Date of birth
Authority (as in the authority which delivers the passport)

Eurasian Union

in Japanese, chinese, spanish, russian, but in roman characters (I guess for chinese I want the pinyin version).
I understand it's quite an unusual request, and I would understand if nobody wants to help me, but if you know the answer, it would be really cool to help me out (If I wanted the cyrillic, chinese or japanese writing, I'm sure I could find out much easier...)

Thanks a lot !!!!
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Effects of finger loss

Okay - I've tried googling 'finger loss' 'loss of finger' 'removal of finger' 'finger removal' and 'severed finger' (plus 'first aid') and I can't find what I'm looking for, so I've come here. (If anyone has any suggestions for Googling terms, that'd be great, because I feel sure this information should be out there somewhere).

I have a character who loses his middle and ring finger and half his little finger (quick cut, very sudden). He doesn't get first aid help immediately due to the situation he's in.

How much would it bleed? I kind of assumed it would bleed a lot, but I haven't been able to find any info on how heavy the flow would be or how long it would last.

I also assumed it would hurt a hell of a lot. Am I right to, or does the 'never assume' bit come in here as well? ^^

As it stands at the moment, the character leaves the scene of the accident (he doesn't get a chance to collect his lost fingers) staggers upstairs and makes his way eventually to a room where he collapses. He is woken by another character, there is an altercation with a third character, and he finally has his hand bandaged, although first aid is rudimentary. Is it likely that he'd black out, and if so, would he be able to be woken up and to walk unaided afterwards?

I feel sure I should have been able to find these answers somewhere else, but I am open to any other suggestions for research. Thank you!
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Treatment of Hypothermia

A female in her late twenties suffers hypothermia due to prolonged submersion in icy water (somewhere between 15-45 minutes). No pulse, no respiration, core temperature of about 28 degrees Celcius. She is brought to a hospital within minutes of heart/respiratory failure. What is the most likely treatment (that results in her surviving)? Googling has given me a lot of options from warm IV fluids to inhaling warm air to using warm saline bags around the body, but they all say "depending on the severity" and I'm not sure what order everything would happen in. Is it correct that she would need to be warmed up at least a little before they could restart her heart? How long would the entire process take, from first getting her to the hospital until she could be resuscitated & then stabilized? How long would she be in the hospital thereafter, and what sort of long and/or short-term after-effects might there be for her health? Any & all details will be appreciated. :)

ETA: I didn't want to prolong my questions with a lot of plot points, but she is actually submerged in icy water *in* a hospital (long story) so there are no EMTs or ambulances involved - as soon as her heart stops, the person she's with carries her to the ER (who were previously warned that a hypothermia victim would be brought in).

New Orleans question

I've been to New Orleans, and I've looked on google and numerous New Orleans websites and so far I can't find the answer to this one.

I have an old New Orleans family, Creole as opposed to Cajun, who have been there since early days of the city. They have always been tradesmen or artisans, not at all wealthy but solidly middle class. In what neighborhood would they be likely to live, and how would that neighborhood have been affected by Katrina? I've naturally ruled out the French Quarter but thought of Treme or Bywater, both of which I understand were heavily impacted. Input please?

I asked this once before but never saw my post onlist.
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Likelihood of giving just one band member a record deal

I've Googled this for hours, but I'm not finding anything specific enough to be helpful. rumil_minyatur's just asked about the band auditioning process, so hopefully I'll get some general answers from her post.

But my other question is this: say a young band auditions. The musicians & overall sound is mediocre, but the lead singer has a gorgeous voice that could easily be marketable as a solo singer. How likely is it that the record company would dismiss the rest of the band and offer the lead singer a contract? Would the rest of the band even be notified officially by the company (I'm thinking not)? And what would the terms of her contract be?

Thanks! ♥
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Band audition process

A fairly simple question, I hope, which I've googled but not had any luck with. Can anyone who's experienced it, or knows someone who has (or just knows something) talk me through the auditions process for a regular pop band. I'm think British, but if the process is pretty much the same it probably doesn't matter if it's not. With a day of auditions with say 100 people, what would the day be like for the people there? Where could that sort of thing be held? What would you expect when you got there? All I really know about the matter is having watched auditions for reality tv programs like pop idol, and I'm not really thinking of anything on that sort of scale. Any help would be appreciated!

Edit: It's for a band formed by scratch by a record company, if that would make alot of difference to experiences, although it's viewed by someone auditioning not someone from the record company.

another question about Australia...

Can anyone tell me how the organ donor system works in Australia?  Is it like the UK in that you carry a card, and your relatives would be asked in the event of your death if they consented to your organs being used?  Also, would it be feasible that a recipient would be able to contact the family of the donor?

Any help would be much appreciated!