July 9th, 2006

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Prospective Students visiting LLU

I'm writing a Nightwing fanfiction in which he and Batgirl are posing as prospective students at Loma Linda university. 

In the event that a non-student were to scout out the campus to see whether they would want to apply there,

1) Would they need to obtain any sort of ID/Badge, etc. from the administration office? If so, what would the consequences be, if they didn't have it? Would they just be directed on where to go to get one, or would the ramifications be more severe? They are arriving just as a faculty member has vanished, so the place is crawling with cops. If they are detained (haven't decided yet), is there a place on campus where they'd be questioned, or would they be taken to the local police precinct?

2) Would they be allowed to roam freely, or would some areas of the campus be off-limits to non-students? I'm not talking about doors marked "authorized personnel only," that are restricted to, say, security or maintenance, but ordinary buildings, which are off limits to anyone without proper student ID. 

3) Would they be assigned a student guide as a matter of course, offered one, or left to their own devices entirely?

4) Are there any buildings/departments on-campus that are a little tricky to find, even with a campus map?

5) The vanished faculty member has been kidnapped. Because his absence was discovered too soon for the kidnappers to leave the area, they're holed up somewhere either on or near the university grounds. I can invent a place, or make it a private home, but is there any part of the campus that might fit the bill? An unused building? I'm setting this at some point between January and April 2006 (i.e., last semester).


Criminal psychological evaluation format

What is the written-format of a psychological evaluation? Specifically one to be used in a major felony case. My story is being told entirely through transcripts and interviews and things, so how would the evaluation(s) be put down on paper? Is there a specific form used? If so, what information goes on it?

If you need more details, one of two twins has committed murder in the state of New York. Both are suspects. Before the twin that actually committed the crime confesses, I want a psych. evaluation to be done on both twins, together if possible. (Would that be allowed, legally? My guess is no, but it would be nice for the story.)
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Coats of arms

Okay. There's a word I'm looking for.
In a coat of arms, sometimes you find a small phrase across the top above the crest or below the insignia. The only word for it i've found was motto but my garbage can memory seems to be under the impression that there was another word for that.
what is that word? ( or am i just inventing things in my head?)

also would said motto appear on shields/tabards or would it only appear on the banners and other more decorative items ?
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Popular girl music

I have a character who is the general opposite of myself. She's one of the popular girls. She's a bit older than 17, and is in her final year of highschool in a Catholic all-girls school in Australia. Later on she has a relationship with another one of the girls, which would mean her music tastes might gradually move on.

What type of music is she more likely to be listening to before having said relationship?
Also, would American music have a large impact on her? (I'm thinking yes if she follows mainstream)

Thankyou for any help.
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Filming locations and crew members.

This is a question about filming...films. Especially for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans chest.

When they filmed that movie, ( I know it was islands in the bahamas) does the cast stay in the same hotel as the camera crew etc? Do they actually stay at hotels? Where does the director stay? The writer? Are they all in the same hotel or are they scattered? Does the cast have to pay to stay? Do they have to pay for meals? What about at the end of filming? Does the cast all leave at once? Do some remain for a while?

I am writing a story and kinda need these small details to make the opening chapter a bit more legit. Thanks a bunch!
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Artifacts of Greek Mythology

Hi, all. :)

So I'm writing some fanfiction here, and the actual plotline of the canon follows with Greek mythology. One of my characters is Erida, the goddess of hate. The idea is that Chronos, the god of Time, is trying to bribe Erida for his own benefits, and I need an artifact from Greek mythology that she might like.

At the moment, I'm considering using Eris' golden apple of Discord, but I'd like some suggestions on other artifacts or items that would be plausible in the sense that they are still completely intact, desirable, and perhaps somewhat difficult (not impossible) to obtain. I'm not entirely sure how to Google something like this so I came here for help.

Thanks a lot in advance! :)
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e-mail addresses of civilians working for the US military

Does anyone know if there is a standard format for e-mail addresses given to civilians employed by the US military on a military base. In this case we the civilian works for a secret project under the USAF (the project is secret, the fact he works with the military, not so much). Would the character have a .mil e-mail address? Would this be in the format username@usaf.mil or would the be something in the address which would indicate either his status as a civilian or the perminent base he is (theortically) working at? Or, for security, would he have a totally non-military email?

This is approximately present day US.

I've tried googling for this but the web is more interested in selling me a military email address than giving me useful information.


Brave New World

So, I'm tossing around ideas for a story I want to write, and I've pretty much got a setting in mind. I just have questions to determine the feasibility/effects of my setting. It will be a somewhat sci-fi setting and take place on another planet.

The planet's average temperature would ideally be much hotter than than Earth's, yet the new inhabitants of this planet are human.

I plan on having them live on the deep Southern Hemisphere, near the poles. My questions are as follows:

-What would the realistic hottest equatorial temperatures be to still allow Earth flora and fauna on the poles?
-During high summer, and the time that the sun is up for more than 24 hours on the poles, how much would temperatures soar as compared to normal?
-Two satellites, what would be the tidal effects? Assuming they reflect the same amount of light as our moon, or more, would that be enough to light the world for human eyes? Would plants be able to photosynthesize?
-With my setting, are there any other variables I'd need to keep in mind?

I think that is all that I had in mind to ask for now.

Thanks in advance.