July 8th, 2006

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religion and nuns circa before 1800's

Not to be completely inept but I have a character left at a nunnery as a baby. In my thought process the nuns take her in and christen her with a name. Is it actually possible for nuns to christen a child? Are nuns certain to only a few types of religion and christening to another? Also nunneries didn't always hold nuns but also banished women did they not? I am very bad with religion and time lines and googling it confuses me more. I don't want to pinpoint a time period as it will matter very little after the first or second chapter. Thanks.

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Hi all,
I'm writing a story in which the bad guy thinks a certain planetary alignment is just the right time to launch his evil on the universe. The heroes and the bad guy are stuck in a 'cellar' but it has shafts which align just right with this planetary omen. (Rather like the shafts in the Great Pyramid line up with something or Stone henge lines up with the solstice.)
I have no idea about astrology / astronomy so I would like help in choosing the alignment. I'm not bothered what it is, an eclipse, certain planets all in the same sign - as long as the guys could see something through a shaft (altho I could change that if nec) AND whatever the alignment is it is considered evil or sinister.
Any ideas?

British Expressions

What would be a British (London) expression for 'surprise and/or approval'? Along the lines of the American, 'When they see you, their eyes will pop out of their heads'. The characters are young and it's several decades ago. I've considered 'gobsmacked' but I'd like something else.

Thanks for any replies.

Documentaries v. Everything else.

I've been wondering what makes a documentary different to watch, in a cinematic way, than, say, a dramatic TV series. Is a different type of film/camera used to film a documentary, or is it a matter of timing/lighting/sound? I'm sure there's a cinema student out here who knows the answer. :D

Edit: To clarify, as I said in a comment to redcoast, what I meant was the way the subjects move, for example. Not the direction per se, but the actual movement itself--a nod in a documentary seems more fluid, faster than a nod in a movie. I know that movies are scripted and controlled, but the physical appearance of movement seems like something the camera might be a part of. Hopefully this will be less confusing... sorry! :D


Character who wants to fake having cancer

I have a character who, after being the subject of clandestine genetic engineering, escapes and tries to live out the remainder of his life in some kind of peace. The problem is that the process that he was subjected to damaged his cellular metabolism. His body uses up energy much too fast to sustain itself.

Since it's not really feasible for him to talk about what happened to him - both because of the fact that no one would believe him and because the ones who experimented on him would kill anyone who knew what they did - I was planning to have him lie and say that he had cancer. My questions are, would a doctor be able to find out that he's lying about his condition?

Also, what kind of cancer would have symptoms that included weakness, tiredness, and often crippling agony?

jewelry pirates would have

OKay, google hasnt been any help on this one. Every time i search i keep on getting necklaces with skulls such from modern day.

I have been working on a novel for a while and my main character has had a run in with pirates as a child. It is set around the 1600-1700, no exact date has been decided yet. When she was little she was given a necklace from a pirate. What kind of pendent or charm would be found on said necklace? I know pirates stole a lot of stuff from a lot of different places so if anyone has ever run across a page with different jewlry and such from back then it would be great if you could give me the link. Im looking for something unique that stands out.

The story doesnt revolve around this but I still need some kind of information.

Thanks in advance.

I am aware that pirates stole everything they had basically. What I have been trying to look for is something that stands out, something that a pirate would have kept instead of using in trade to get something like rum or whatever. lol. But you all have been a big help so far. Keep 'em coming!

Thank you all so much! You all gave me some great ideas and I actually decided to widen my plot line. This pendent is going to be more in the story now and I found a very interesting one I think I might use. You all were very helpful, thanks again. If anyone has any ideas they would like to share feel free but I am pretty sure I got this covered now. But I will always listen to more advice.