July 7th, 2006


Essential Albums

It's 1983, and I am a 21 year old guy. During high school i was a bit gothic-punk but more metal. I played football at my suburban New York high school and got into a New York City college on a sports scholarship. Fell into a deep depression after my relationship with my boyfriend (leader of a band working the clubs at the time, would later make it big) got a little more public than I wanted. I quit school, my family and I stopped talking and my boyfriend broke up with me after I became addicted to heroin.

I'm moving into a rehab type facility, and i have a box or two of stuff that I'd been keeping at a friends place while i couchsurfed. Most of what I owned had been pawned, lost or stolen. What albums (record or cassette) would i have kept with me all these years?
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coma-like state and after effects

My character spends a short time -about three days- in a coma-like state (his mind has taken a little trip into someone else's body, to simplify slightly). When he returns to his body, what would the visible effects on his body be? I'm guessing he'd be really thirsty (and hoping not dead of dehydration) and hungry, but would he also be feeling weak? Or is three days too short a time for muscles to be affected by lying in bed and doing nothing? Are there any other effects I should be aware of?

EDIT: Okay, I think I have my answer. Thanks, all!
Spike Purple

A punk band, nasty neighborhoods, a catastrophe, and the the weather

1.  You know that time of year when it's not really spring yet, but it's just a little too warm to be called winter, and all the snow is kind of partly melted into a grayish slush?  When would that time of year be in Edinburgh, Scotland?  I'm assuming early March, but I want to be certain.  Edit:  I've pretty much got my answer on this one (or resources to find it easily), thanks!

2.  What hardcore punk band would have had a gig there, at that time of year, in 1978?  And where would they be performing?

3.  Were there any unexplained or random catastrophes within 50 miles or so of Edinburgh at about that time?  I'm hoping for explosions, collapsed buildings, severe sewer rupture, etc.  Anything that could have been theoretically caused by a small-to-moderate-sized supernatural battle.

4.  Where were the nasty neighborhoods in 1978, and what (if anything) were they called?  Where would I find nightclubs or bars?  And if you could point me in the direction of a good map of the city at that time, that would be great (okay, that one I could easily Google, but as I'm here...).

Fair warning, I'm going to be away from the computer for the weekend, so I probably won't respond to any comments left between about 9 or 10 pm Central tonight and sometime on Monday.

Thanks in advance!
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Winter climate in the late medieval UK

Alright, so, I'm aware of the Little Ice Age, and also aware of the Medieval Warm Period, and the speculation as to when the LIA truly began or truly began to impact climates. And I'm aware that England currently has a fairly mild winter climate (and according to accounts from friends, getting steadily milder). But after much frustrated poking around on the internet, I'm having a difficult time determining what the snowpack, if any, would have looked like in the UK around the 1450's. I've gotten vague references to the Thames having frozen over, and England having a 'heavy' snowfall DURING the Little Ice Age, but, uh, because that time frame is so broad and because I'm not sure whether the use of 'heavy' might be relative, I'm leery about saying, 'well, there we go! The Thames froze once sometime between the late 1200's and early 1700's so that means EVERYWHERE was an ice cube! :D! Onward to conquest!' Personal accounts are scanty, and proper instrument records for this kind of thing began in the 1660's. My backup strategy of taking a look at medieval art and seeing whether that offers any reference has also proven more than a little disappointing -- most of the paintings date from the early Renaissance, or are relevant to other European countries.

The best I've really come up with thus far is a chronological weather history of the British Isles located here (which might help someone else out, as it seems to be reasonably comprehensive insofar as specifics for years and the vast period of time it covers).

So. That said, can anyone help me out here in determining what the snowfall -- if any -- would look like for the UK circa 1450? Maybe I'm just going at it from the wrong angle.

Much obliged. :)

how to deal with a stalker

My MC has a stalker, who followed her home from school and grabbed her arm. Her friend came up and started shouting at him, and the man ran away. The friend's parents called the police. From what I've read, they could charge the man with assault and battery, but it's a pretty minor event here. My questions are:

-- would the police take this seriously? She's 15 and the man is in his 20's or so, and this is in the Chicago suburbs. Would they talk about pressing charges?
-- can they find out who this man is without pressing charges? (they have his license plate number) Or would the police just drop the whole thing if they refuse to press charges?
-- what options does the MC and the family she's staying with have if they want to keep him away from her. Would they be able to get a restraining order from what happened? (I'm not sure if this is serious enough for that)

I'm trying to figure out where to go with the story here. Thanks for any ideas.

(edit: I think I got my answer, thanks for all the help!)
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Question about poisons

Hi there,

I have a character who is a middle aged black woman who, for the past four years, has been in a mental hospital being treated for schizophrenia. In the story she refuses to eat and is fed via an IV drip. I am looking for a poison that could be injected into her IV drip in order to kill her. It needs to have a sudden and violent reaction when it reaches her bloodstream since her youngest son leaves the room for fifteen minutes or so and when he returns doctors are already rushing to her room to save her. This isn't even a major plot point but it is a detail that I'd like to get straight before I continue with the story.

Thanks guys,


The Royal Navy in the '80s - knots or not?

Ugh, will I never tire of spamming this community with my odd questions? :P

So, you're a young man in the [British] Royal Navy in the 1980s.

1) Do you learn how to tie knots? Conventional knowledge suggests that you would, but with all the submarine stuff going on it doesn't seem like it would have as much practical usage these days.

2) This may be an utterly stupid question, but - what did you do every day? It was technically a time of peace, yet the Cold War wasn't really over yet - were covert ops likely? Routine exercises? What exactly does the Navy do when there are no epic sea battles to be fought or pirates to be slain?

(I also gladly welcome any other random information that might be tossed my way - modern slang [do they really still call it Black Tot Day?], trivia, names of ships, whatever...I'll use as many little details as I can! [And yes, I've heard "rum, sodomy, and the lash" a million times. Thanks, though.])