July 4th, 2006

Air Force Ranks

So, I'm trying to find out roughly how long it would take someone to make it to the rank of Lieutenant in the US Air Force. The character in question is a fighter pilot, if this makes a difference.

Assuming she joined at 18, and is considered a highly skilled pilot once she gets her wings, how many years would it take her to make Lieutenant?

Edit: I'm sorry I was unclear. I'm not expecting her to be an 18 year old Lieutenant. I meant that she joins the Air Force at age 18. Or rather, she takes the first step that everyone else takes to join the Air Force, so she joins the Air Force Academy at 18. I'm trying to get a timeline on how long it would take her to make Lieutenant and be able to fly.

Night Terrors

Google has been quite helpful on this subject, but I was wondering if anyone had experience with night terrors, either personally or through a friend or loved one, and would be willing to share. I want to know if you/he/she remembered the dreams, and how this condition affects daily life. Thank you!
Fluffy Vulcan

Hanging by the neck for a short period of time

The year is 1870. We have a young man (early 20s) 5'10", 175 lbs. His enemies tie his hands in front of him, throw a noose around his neck, toss the other end over a branch and hoist him 1 to 2 feet into the air. 

His friend will arrive on the scene quickly and save him.

1) How long would he have before irreversible damage would set in?

2) What injuries could/would he suffer as a result, stopping shy of death, paralysis, or permanent brain damage? I'm guessing rope burns, at the very least?

3) Once cut down, are there any activities that he would need to curtail for a while? For example, would he be able to ride a horse relatively quickly?