June 25th, 2006

Starbucks cup

Morgue workers

1a. Do morgue workers speak to the family about the cause of said persons death
or do the police deal with that (if it's a possible murder victim I mean).
  b. If morgue worker  does, would it be appropriate for them to bring the
family into the office to discuss the details or do they do that right in front
of the body?

2. Would the morgue worker have the police report if it were a murder

cookies/biscuits; British slang fit for ex-boyfriends

Lenny, an otherwise health-obsessed Londoner, is having a bad day. She just dumped her boyfriend. Consequentially, she is eating Oreos.

Or is she? Apparently Oreos are available in England, but they don't seem to be too common. Would they be an obvious pig-out food to a British person? If not, are there any other name-brand cookies/biscuits that come to mind?

While I'm at it, what sort of florid language does she use to complain about the boyfriend she's just dumped? He's tall and dark and handsome and very full of himself. So far she thinks he's a "bloody wanker" and a "git," but I would love to hear your creative suggestions.

ETA: Thank you for all the suggestions! It was very fun to read. :D I think I've got enough to go on now.

Floor or Ground

Why do people write floor instead of ground in their fanfics when they are outside?

English is my second language and I was taught that "floor is inside and ground is outside". Now, 10-15 years out of school, is ground gone? Does it depend on which part of the world you're from or is it simply bad vocabulary?

Sorry if this is a wrong thing to ask here but it's too weird to Google.

EDIT: Thanks for all your answers. I was starting to doubt my own knowledge but not anymore. I usually read it in fics where a person or two falls to the floor (aka ground) and it kept confusing me. It could be, like most wrote, bad vocabulary or simply sloppiness.