June 23rd, 2006

Meg light

American to British translation.

I've looked in the American to British online dictionaries and I can't find an answer to this. Nor could I find one in the archives. Is there a word in British English for "carseat" or "boosterseat"? The things you put babies in when driving in a car? I think what Americans call a stroller is a pram, but I can't find one for the carseat.

If this question has already been asked in this comm, please point me to it, because I can't find it. :)

And thank you in advance.

performances by jascha heifetz

is there any way to access carnegie hall's archives through the internet? i'm looking for performances & programmes performed by heifetz at CH between the years of 1935-1946. does anyone know anyone (a grandmother/father?) who may've attended one of these performances? from what i've seen so far all i can dig up is the 1917 debut, & there are vague references to his performing there in later years.

just wondering. i'm only in the beginning stages of constructing plot, & may have to stick w/ 1917 (though that's a little farther back in time than i'd like), or choose another venue..
Rot Lop Fan

Disabling shots, and where to place them


I've got someone combat-trained in the middle of a fight. He has a rifle-like gun (It's some sort of Science! gun, but let's say it works like a rifle. For sanity's sake.), and he needs to shoot some guys. His group is, in fact, 'in ur base, killin ur d00dz'. But I digress.

In short: He needs to shoot to disable them, but they can't be lethal. They also have to be easy-to-treat. Otherwise, it's all free game. There are both men and women in the guys he has to take down, if that's important.

This is in freaky odd sorta-future time. The rifle is a little past current technology.

EDiT: This is a gun with bullets. No sedatives. Er. Slugs. Bullets. Whatever.