June 20th, 2006


Origami skill-level question.

Would a Japanese person who is capable of making 100 (perfect) Origami cranes in one hour be considered very skilled by average standards?

Reason: My character is supposed to be some sort of prodigy/contain nearly-above-humanly-possible-skills when it comes to building things, origami, carpentry, etc. However, as it takes me about a half hour to make one crane (that ends up looking like something else), I have no idea how long a skilled person would take to make just one.

EDIT: Okay! I think I got an idea now. Thanks to everyone that provided input. I really appreciate it!
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Swedish Lutheran sacraments in the early-to-mid 1700s

So. i have combed Wikipedia, tried google, and harassed my theologically-gifted friend over this, but thus far, i have not had any luck.

I have a story set between 1720 and 1740 or so, set in norhtern Finland (which was under Swedish rule at the time). And, for the purposes of the story, I need to figure out something concerning the Lutheran sacraments at the time.

Was confession as an "Esteemed tradition" still present? As in, not an official sacrament but still something very much done?

ETA: also, what age was most common for confirmation?

Polish translation

I need a translation, if possible, of 'where's my neurologist?' to Polish. THe speaker is a male, 2nd gen Polish-American of lower class Polish ancestry, if that makes a difference. He's also slightly disoriented.

I need it w/o special characters, if possible, as I don't know how to make that work in an RTF file.

This is a first draft, so impefection is fine, if there's a moderatly decent translation program out there--that would be okay too.

ETA: Thanks! It's... "Gdzie jest mój neurolog?"
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The really gay nineties... in other words, homosexuality at the end of the nineteenth century.

I've tried every search term I can think of, and I've tried synonyms for them. I've tried Wikipedia. I cannot seem to find anything beyond a tantalizing mention of a "homosexual subculture" in late nineteenth century Britain (during the "Decadent" period) in an article at fathom.com (link is below). While the mention of Queen Victoria's refusal to admit that lesbians existed amused me, and the information on famous female gays of the late nineteenth century was interesting, I'm looking more for information on gay men of the 1890s.

What I need to know: any information possible concerning a way of identifying fellow "friends of Oscar Wilde," and any information possible concerning various attitudes towards gay men in the 1890s in Britain (I know of the legislation passed that made their relationships illegal, and that there was apparently a subculture there, but nothing else).

Please help me, at this point I'm desperate and willing to accept even the smallest bit of information.

The lone helpful article I found: http://www.fathom.com/course/10701039/session4.html

Cutoff Age for Entering Primary School in San Francisco (also info on the UC Humanities Departments)

Okay, this is for a roleplaying character. I know the school district I started admitted all students born before a certain cutoff date to kindergarten, and shunted anyone born after that date to admission in the following year. I'm writing a character that was educated in a Catholic school somewhere in the San Francisco area -- he would ahev started school sometime in the early 1980's (his date of birth was August 24th, 1976). Since he was born in late August, and at least one school district I know of has its cutoff date around then, I wanted to see if anyone knew either way whether he would be one of the oldest kids in his classes or one of the youngest.

Also, if anyone knows, which schools in the University of California system (modern day) are known for having good history or classics programs? I might as well ask that while I'm here.
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Teacher-student Relationships and Intro

Hey, I'm new here! I found the comm through LJ's Spotlight archives and I'm really glad I did. I'm sure this will prove extremely helpful in the future.

So: I'm wondering about the rules for professor-student relationships at colleges in the US. My professor is 45-ish and his student is 26-ish. Anything that happens or will happen between them is completely consensual (well, except for when she uses her feminine wiles to get him to do things *wink*). I've found a fair bit of stuff on sexual harrasment on the pages for Faculty and Staff on my college's website, and vague references to "Moral Turpitude" and such, but nothing specific.

Can anyone let me know what would happen if they were discovered (would he be fired? she expelled? probation? bad record/resume?) and what they might dread before the discovery? Has anyone had any experience with this, on either side? Personal stories would be awesome, and you can leave anonymous comments or email me if you don't want to put your life up on teh big internets for the world to see.

Thanks in advance for your help!

ETA: Thanks to the replies here and this post I think I have what I need. Thank you!