June 15th, 2006

Looking for lyrics to an old song: "Sweet Drummer Boy."

When I was younger, I remember singing a song about a drummer boy marching off to battle; he passes by a tower where there's a princess watching him from her window, and there's conversation between him and the princess involving a flower. One of them has the flower, and asks for it from the other, and the princess's name is "Princess Marie."

.. which describes the extent of what I remember, unfortunately. I'd really, really like to find the lyrics to this song, but all searches involving "Drummer Boy" inevitably bring up the Christmas song "Little Drummer Boy," which, I assure you, this most certainly isn't.

The song follows in a pretty standard pattern - ..

Princess Marie, was watching from her tower.
Princess Marie, was watching from her tower.
A-rum-bum-bumpbumpbump-bum, was watching from her tower.

Anyone recognize this?


Hello, everyone. I'm new to this, so please be patient with me. :)

Okay, is it possible for a cruise ship to get lost at sea and/or sink, even with all our modern technology? Also, are there instances where the lifeboats aren't properly equipped with survival kits? Are the wooden lifeboats (with oars) still used today, even on modern ships?

Thank you!
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arson using homemade stuff

Ugh. I'm either getting news results from the middle east or dodgy online 'anarchist cookbooks' which explain (poorly) how to make bleach bombs.

Anyway. Two teenage boys, armed with gasoline, homemade molotov cocktails, and pipe bombs. A building roughly the size of a small school - maybe 100-200 kid sized one - that is (improbably but lucky for them) made mostly of wood. Out in the country, so once they're started they have a fair bit of time, and they can tote and store supplies over before hand, but they have one night to have the thing burned into being unusable.

Is this even possible? Do they need more kitchen-sink guerrilla weaponry? Is a convenient gas leak going to be needed?

Thanks in advance.
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Tropical area's, Storms and Drugs - solved!

Hi all,

Sorry to bother you with what should be a very basic request, but while I've googled like mad and learned a lot more about meteorology than I ever wanted to know, I haven't been able to answer a very basic question.

I'm looking for an area of jungle. Sounds simple, but it has the following criteria:

Must be hot and muggy (not hard!)
Characters are going to be airlifed two days away from a drugrunners base, and that's two days hiking for two very very fit individuals. So They are being airlifted in as hiking in would be slower, so it has to already be deep jungle type area.

Mountains near by optional.

Obviously, being drug runners being near an area where drugs could be grown would be ideal, but this being a future world I can fudge this.

Not too hard yet?

Throw in the fact I need a tropical storm or hurricane to cut them off from contact for the two days the main characters are hiking in, and at least two days back to the pickup point.

Help? Its the storms bit that is getting to me?


Edited to add: thanks guys for the suggestions!

Victorian steamboat travel times.

I'm aware that a journey across the Atlantic took nine days by steamboat from 1855 onward, but I'm assuming this would be to New York. I can't really find anything that states how long it would take to cross from England to, say, Jamaica. I was wondering if it would take the same amount of time, or perhaps a bit longer, considering the distance needed to be travelled? Thanks, in advance!

Character Development

Hello everyone! I just thought I'd take a minute to promote a little community called fictionpenpals. I didn't create it, but I think it's an amazing opportunity (and creative way) for fiction writers to develop their characters. It works like any other penpal community, except you write as your fictional character. Check it out!

(I asked the mod if I could post this, and it's all good. :)