June 4th, 2006

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Can DNA testing distinguish sibling vs parent?

I'm trying to figure out if there's actually a story in this- it's kind of pointless to begin writing if the big suspenseful moment at the end will just go *fizz.* Help?

The scenario would be this: teenage girl, newly orphaned, certain things are coming up to make her suspect (correctly) that her parents weren't really her parents. So she steals her older sister's toothbrush, orders a sibling DNA test off the internet, and that's where I don't know what would happen.

The sister would actually be her mother: got pregnant when she was 14, the parents covered it all up and raised the granddaughter as their own. Everything I found says that parents and full siblings are both 50% matches, and mitochondrial DNA would be the same either way. So would the test give a false positive? Or would there be something that would let the lab identify the real relationship?

ETA: I know 50% is only an average for non-identical siblings. I'm wondering what results she would get with only her sister as a comparison.

Men growing out bangs

I have a young (12 year old) male character who had bangs and is now growing them out. Shoulder-length hair otherwise.

When I grew out my bangs I used clips. Alas, I am of the female persuasion, and flowered hair clips doesn't really suit my character. How would a boy grow out his bangs without using clips or having hair in his eyes? Is there a way?

Baseball caps and a little experimentation with hair gel it is!

Titles VS Names.

I have a book character. Let's call him Lord Wellington.

Would it be proper to continue calling him Lord Wellington or just "Wellington" throughout the story, or am I going to eventually have to give him a first name too? Is there anything else I should consider when using this name?

Thank you!

X-rays, static electricity and you

What I have is a dragon that gives off and collects a lot of static electricity. Several others in the story want to run him through several tests (MRI, X-ray and possibly ultrasound). Now, I know that static electricity is generally considered bad around all the equipment, however, here's my problem;

I can keep him from affecting the equipment, but what effect would it have on the images? Would they be blurry? Washed out? What?

Thanks in advance.

UK Police

I have Googled UK Police ranks but I can't seem to find this particular answer.

Which rank does the commanding officer of a police station usually have? (You know, the person who is in charge of the station during his/her watch.) The setting is London, present day.
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What sort of drug can cause hallucinations and either won't show up on a toxscreen or goes out of the system really quickly? (like less than a week?) or how long does it take to clear out of the system?

Also, is there any religion that uses drugs for ceremony, or something like that?

Anyone know of any unusual religions in America? (But unusual I mean where the people in it do crazy illegal things like ..say..murder?) Cults are fine as well!

Brittish slang

In the US, if a guy will go out of his way to please his girlfriend, even blowing off his friends if she asks him to, we call him whipped. What would the equivallent be in British slang? Is there one?
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Swords- early 18th century army training

I'm back once again, with a slightly less foolish question this time.

It's (to all intents and purposes) the early 18th century, around 1720 or so. I have a character who has just been recruited into the army, as a regular infantryman. I'm struggling to find information on what weapons he would be trained in the use of, and how this training would be done. (The second point's not as important, as I'll probably skip over most of his training and go straight to the plot if I need to.)

I'm assuming he'd learn to use a sword, although I can't seem to find anything on what type, but I'm not so sure about guns since the fictional army in question has a separate artillery division. Also, any suggestions on how long basic training would take? I seem to remember it being a couple of months when I was in the Army Cadets, but I'm assuming things were fairly different back then.


EDIT: I think I have all the information I need, now. Thanks a lot, folks! :-)