May 31st, 2006

Lifestyle of an executioner in medieval times

Probably answered, when I get around to reading the book eleanorb suggested. Thanks to all the posters :D

What kind of life would an executioner lead in European medieval times? Wikipedia says that they're often shunned, but I couldn't find a lot of information aside from that.

I have a character who's the second-oldest son of a very well-off, powerful family, and he's the king's executioner. Some of the main questions I have are:

Would he have met much opposition from his family? Would he be shunned to the point where he's forced to live away from the village or city? Where would he live? What would he wear?

In regards to that last question, he's not too fond of the stereotypical hooded medieval executioner appearance. Would he be allowed to wear whatever he wanted to?

Any other information would also be hugely appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Also, the world that this story takes place in is different from the real world, but based off European medieval times.
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Hair and Tokyo

What do dreadlocks feel like to the touch? Am currently working on several stories featuring a guy who wears them, but don't know anyone in meatspace who does, and am just a tad too shy to walk up to a random stranger in the street and ask "can I feel your hair?". (If it makes any difference, the character's more likely to have the "styled" kind of dreads - I understand there's a special shampoo you can use? Don't think he'd go with something that involved not washing for extended periods of time.)

Also, what kind of city climate does Tokyo have? I'm guessing in terms of buildings it's a lot of skyscrapers and such, but is there a lot of air pollution? (A friend says you can't see the stars at night...) Also, is there any "random" greenery in the city, or is it mostly confined to parks and private gardens?
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How do Americans identify themselves?

A question for the Americans out there ( or people who have met any):

If you are abroad, how would you introduce yourself to someone you met there?

As "I'm from America," , "I'm from the US", " I'm from the United States of Amercia", or some other way? Would you mention your home state?

ETA: My character is in her late twenties, from Missouri. Does age and background make a difference for saying "US" or "States" or "America"?
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Scarring Over Tattoos

Okay, so Google has turned up lots about the opposite, tattooing over scars (for those who care, it's possible, but hard, and the ink tends to fade and/or bleed more on scar tissue), but nothing about what happens when scar tissue forms over an already existing tattoo. For the sake of arguement, assume a knife-wound, clean, but deep enough to require stitches - would the scar be totally ink free, or would the ink bleed funny into the scar tissue?

EDIT: Answered, thank you all! Consensus is that any new scar tissue is going to be ink-free, although it can be minimized if the person treating the wound knows what they're doing and lines the edges up well enough.

What does a priest do all day?

Ooh, exciting times! This is my first post here, and it seems to be customary to say so, so there.

Anyway, my question is rather straightforward, although I expect the answers to be rather more complex. What does a priest do all day, when they're not praying? I have the rituals and worship part down, but I'm not entirely sure what they do when they're not engaged in active prayer and worship.

It's a story relating to a fantasy priest, but I'm basing his religion heavily on Catholicism, so real world information is key!

EDIT: Thanks everybody for the answers! There's lots of useful information here! Thanks again!
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theories in collecting evidence

on Law and Order: SVU they talked about a theory where every place you go, you leave something from yourself (a fibre, a hair etc) and pick up something else. so going to a swamp, you might have lost an eyelash while there (hah) and came home with dirt on your boots.

does anyone know what that specific theory is called? thanks!
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Cocaine, anyone?

So, I have a character who I'd like to have use a stimulant for medicinal purposes, something that would eventually lead him to using harder and harder drugs, becoming a borderline cocaine addict at the end. The only problem is...I have no idea what it disease/illness for which this could occur (with the exception of cocaine being used as treatment for epistaxis, and stimulants for ADHD, which is pretty much all Google gave me.) I'm hoping for something long-term, the more obscure the better. But anything at all would be extremely helpful.

Thanks in advance. ^^

Thanks for your help, everyone. :)

Being a woman and bald

Anyone know of any resources about this?

Do women with bald heads, lead normal lives?

What about vocational, at work, etc where women are expected to have hair? How do they deal with baldness on the job?

I'm not worried about the sex appeal aspect so much... I know for a fact that some find bald women sexy.

Edited to add:
She doesn't have cancer, is an attractive & healthy woman with a good figure, and has full eyelashes/eyebrows.