May 27th, 2006

  • ravil

Multiple Moons

A slightly bizarre question for a fantasy world that I'm currently developing. Assume an Earth-sized planet with accompanying moon that are, for all intents and purposes, the same as our own. Now, imagine that a second lunar body, having approximately the same mass, size, and composition as the first, were to slowly find its way into orbit of this planet (the "how" isn't important).

What would the gravitational effects be upon our dear old almost-planet-Earth to have a second moon, orbiting, say, diametrically opposite to the original one? Obviously the tides are kind of messed up, but I imagine that the Earth's rotation would be shot as well. Problem is that I'm no geophysicist, so I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around the precise effects. If there's anyone here who could help me (and be as imaginative as you'd like about the effects on civilization too) I'd really appreciate it.

Something regarding Godzilla....

My search attempts have failed for the most part, so I thought I'd come here.

Okay I'm well aware that Godzilla(Japanese, not GINO) is radioactive. It's how he was created.

What I'm looking for is this: Would you become irradiated just by being near him? What would happen if someone touched his hide with their bare hands? How long until exposure is lethal?

Now I know it'd be like a microwave oven if he blew his atomic ray. That much I'm aware of. However, I have an old fanfic I'd like to revamp where a crazy scientist figures out how to alter Godzilla's molecular structure and shrinks him to about four inches tall. In the story I had people handling him in their bare hands(I was young when I wrote it, but the idea is so good I want to redo it). First it's the bad guys trying to do experiments, but there's good guys who think it's wrong and want to rescue him, so they do.

Then problem is transporting him. I know tranquilizers will be required, but how do you handle Godzilla? In a towel? Radiation suits? Gloves? Or if he can be safely handled in bare hands, how long before exposure is dangerous...and would it be dangerous to even be near him? Could the change in size also shrink to scale the amount of radiation present on him? What about when the effects of the device that shrink him start to wear off and he begins to grow again(slowly, not just boom and he's huge again!).

Hellllllllp please :) I know those are a lot of questions, but I'm really lost and want to be realistic when I revamp this story.
wild thing

American Geography

Okay, well from England here so have absolutely no idea about American geography, my queries are:

1. Is it likely that someone would travel from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg for the day, just to do some shopping?

2. If not, then where, reasonably close to Pittsburgh, are they likely to go? Preferably a place that's fairly well known for good shops but it needs to be out of Pittsburgh.

Phew I said Pittsburgh a lot of times. Thanks for any help in advance.

ETA: Thanks for everyone's help, I'll it put here instead of replying to each individually. In order to clarify:
I guess the shopping is not really the important thing I just need to have a reason for a mother and young daughter to go out of Pittsburgh for a day-trip (shopping to me seemed like the simplest reason).
Logan/Veronica keys pretty

Becoming a Mayor in California, USA

How do you put yourself up for election for mayor in the USA?

Could someone do it for you, without your consent? Or after a drunken night of cajoling? Say the election itself would be a walk-through, after the previous mayor died, and they needed someone in quickly - and they know who they want. So, no need for any kind of election campaign. This character doesn't really want to do it, but suddenly finds himself pushed into it - how hard would that be? Does he have to go through lots of hoops and red tape, before he does that?

Thanks for any help!
  • fizzko

Question regarding effects of shoulder wound.

Say a person is stabbed with a long dagger in the hollow of his shoulder, just above the collar bone (or clavicle). The blade might go in about two inches. How serious would this sort of injury be? How long would the person be able to make it without needing medical attention?

If it makes any difference, the person is a boy of around 14 years old. He's in good shape physically and has not dealt with extremely serious injury before this.

I've done a fair amount of research but have only come up with diagrams of human anatomy. While they are helpful, they don't tell me quite what I'm looking for. Thank you to anyone who answers this; as you may have noticed, I'm sort of clueless.

Connecticut Trespassing Laws

I find a ton of stuff on Google... just nothing that's completely relevant or that I can understand on the rare occasion it fits.

This is for the state of Connecticut, Hartford County.

My character is over the age of eighteen. The people whose property he's trespassing on know him, but have asked him to leave several times and eventually call the police when he refuses.

Would the police arrest and jail him as a trespasser if the residents choose to press charges?

If so, would they release him if the couple that pressed charges chose to drop them? Could a friend/family member post bail to get him out before that?

How much paper work would any of this involve? Valid ID?

Any information whatsoever would be fantastic.