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bring out the _________, and bring out the best

I have a friend who's looking for all the words to the jingle for Hellmann's/Best Foods mayonnaise. It's old, and he's looking for the version that would have been aired in Ireland (I say this because I'm sure the States would not have the jingle either calling fries "chips" or claiming they'd be good in mayonnaise).

We've looked all over the internet and can only find the last two lines, but there is apparently more. "Chips fall for it" is the only line I remember, but each line has to do with a food and an associated play on words.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help!
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I'm writing something which is set in Sydney, and wonder if anyone can let me know the positive and negative things about living there.  Also, where are the best bars/clubs, and is there any area which is known for being a bit seedy?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out!

Questions about motorcycles, and a few about tools

What is the best brand of motorcycle, as far as speed and maneuverability are concerned? Would there be a plausible way for someone to eliminate most or all of the noise from a motorcycle engine? What’s the top-speed of a conventional motorcycle, and would there be any way to improve it?

On a related topic, what tools would be needed for this job? As well as the additional job of adding armor to the body of the ‘cycle? Where would the best places to put armor on a motorcycle be, without affecting its maneuverability?

Nietzsche in the original German

Got it!  Thanks very much!

Hi!  Been watching a while, but this is my first time posting.  I hope I'm following the rules. 

What I'm looking for is more of an un-translation than a translation.  I have a character (and her relationship with another) that has never ceased to bring to mind the following quotes from Thus Spoke Zarathustra: First Part:

"In a friend one should have one's best enemy"
"Some cannot loosen their own chains and can nevertheless redeem their friends"
"As much as you give the friend, I will give even my enemy, and I shall not be any the poorer for it"
-- all from "On the Friend"

"My death I praise to you, the free death which comes because I want it"
-- from "On Free Death"

I'm hoping to use some or all of these quotes in the original German, but if that's not feasible, then maybe just the phrases "one's best enemy" and "My death I praise to you," which I'm considering as potential titles.

Thanks in advance!

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Looking for an animal symbolic of "purity."

Just like the title says: I'd like to find an animal who, at some point in literature, might have symbolized purity. Not the phoenix or any other mythical entity, a modern, every-day, normal animal. The only thing that occurs to me is, possibly, a white hare, but I'm not sure where I'm picking that notion up from.

Wikipedia, alas, does not have a "literary symbols" page, and their symbols page seems to think that the only animals that need be mentioned are the kangaroo and the elephant. Even google prefers to take my search for "literary symbols +animals" as a cue to go find literary symbolism on Animal Farm. Tried several combinations, got only teacher's plans, links to purchase a dictionary I can't currently afford, and, of course, the usual: completely unrelated pornography. :/ Sigh.

Any thoughts, anyone?

EDIT: So I have doves, lambs, oxen of certain colors, stoats, and goats. Anything else? :x Thanks, everyone! So much help!

oxen (red/white)
horses (white)
elephants (white)<-also, unlucky
music, serious face

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Cost of a Custom Coat

This is for one line of dialogue. ONE LINE. But that's why this community was created in the first place.

I write wrestling fanfic. Wrestlers have nifty custom gear. One of my characters recently got himself a brand new custom coat, and I'm trying to figure out how much it would have cost him.

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The coat is presumably made from vinyl, and, as far as I can tell, it has lining of an indeterminate material. The wrestler himself is not a giant, as shown in the picture. He's "normal" size, 5 foot 11, 200lbs, so he doesn't require extra material or anything like that.

I've checked out sites that design custom wrestling gear, but they make "usual" gear, not something that large scale, not to mention some of them don't seem to make as high quality products as I think that coat is. I've browsed through general custom clothing sites, and they usually want me to email them for exact quotes, and I don't really have measurements or any intention of ordering from them, so I'd feel bad wasting their time. I don't really need an exact figure, just a general ballpark so I don't sound completely ridiculous. If more details are required to answer this, I will do my best to provide. Thank you!

EDIT: I should add that I know the general figure for a plain black vinyl trench coat. It's the fact that this one has a custom design with multiple colors. I have no idea how much that will shoot the base figure up.