May 25th, 2006

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punky vacations

Okay! We have two older (middle aged) punkrockers/anarchists/politicalactivists who have sold out to the Man just slightly (since, you know, rent, food, and all that good stuff) to the point where one of them has vacation time scheduled.

I'd like them to go to something fairly big, a festival/large concert series, preferably one that isn't sponsored by corporations and has a political slant. Something like the original Woodstock but with more spikey collars? They have a nine year old so it has to allow minors, although they're not particularly concerned with it being 'family friendly'.

This is set slightly in the future, so even something smallish that still has Underground Cred could work, if it's likely to grow in the next few years. Starting in the US but travel is a possibility, since selling out pays well.

So where are they going? "Punk political vacation" didn't really turn up anything in google. :-/

edit: Oh wow guys, looks like I have a ton to choose from. Thanks!

Digging out of a mausoleum with diamond earrings

I have an immortal character who, while temporarily apparently dead, has been entombed in a mausoleum - modern day, indoor, plaque on the wall with her name on it sort of place. She's wearing a pair of diamond stud earrings, which seem the logical choice to use to dig herself out, being the hardest substance on Earth and all. Lack of air and food won't be a problem, but she will still need sleep and be subject to muscle cramps and such. So I'm wondering:
1. How long would it take her to dig herself out? I'd like it to take a few years, if that's plausible.
2. What sort of substances would she need to be digging through? Would she be in a coffin? Would the walls of the mausoleum be concrete or some kind of stone, and how thick would they be?
3. I'm thinking of having her dig in the direction of the top of her head as she's lying in the tomb. Would that get her out without running into any other bodies?

As always, thanks for the help!

ETA: Didn't know about diamonds fracturing along planes, so it seems like my character's going to have to rethink her escape plan. I also didn't realize that tombs in mausoleums sometimes had doors, though. Anybody know how such a door would be locked, and how hard it would be to open it from the inside?
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Could a cellphone ignite gasoline fumes?

As the subject says - I have a (fictional, of course) situation with people trapped in a room with a leaky gas tank, and the air is full of fumes. I know flipping a light switch can create enough of a spark to set off an explosion in that situation.

My question is, is it possible that using a cellphone or even having a cellphone ring could create a spark and blow them all up?


Edit: Thanks so much, I think I have my answer - it's more important to know that the people would be afraid to use a cellphone than how likely it actually is to blow them up. Thanks again!
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highschool transcripts (or the lack there of) & CPS (sorta)

I have a fifteen year old boy that ran away from an abusive man with his mother, and are now living with friends in another state. They left in the middle of the night, with just what they were wearing and nothing else.

The mother wants her son to enroll in the school there. What would they do, since it's unplanned and wouldn't have the boy's transcripts. Do you really need those or is it a movie thing? Could they be faxed or mailed? Would that hold up the boy starting school?

Also, both would still be bruised while meeting with the school, would a administrator accept the mother's explanation, the truth, that they were in trouble but left, or would child protective services be called anyway? At this point both the mother and the son don't know if the man is dead, so they'd be more than a little afraid of an investigation...

I realize the second is more opinion/dependant on the administrator, I'd just like a few ideas on what may happen.

"My life. My card." print ads

Apparently, there's an AmEx ad themed around "My Life, My Card." They involve a short, questionnaire-style interviews with famous people. I've seen the television spots at the website, but I can't for the life of me find a print version of the ad for reference. I've tried scouring the website and using Google Images.

The format of my story uses text with interspersed images, so I'd love to have an actual picture, not just a description.

Does anybody know where I might find this? Does anybody have a copy of the magazine these ads appeared in that they can scan? Or can they give me a name and issue of a publication in which these ads appeared so I can buy it?

I know it's a weird request, but that's what this community is all about, so thanks in advance for any help...

Thanks tartary_lamb!
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name that literary refrence: ("SWITCH!")

I want to refrence this particular...I don't even know what to classify it as...event? in a story I'm working on.

Guy is eating dinner. Suddenly someone stands up and yells "SWITCH!" and everyone moves around hurriedly around the guy, jostling him and knocking things out of his hands. When the rush is over, everyone is in different places at the table.

I originally thought this was in Alice In Wonderland , but when I found the original text online, it didn't describe the switching seats scene quite like I imagine it. If you put "switch" in google, a whole bunch of mac vs. pc sites come up.

Where is this from?
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how much does ear piercing cost?

So, let's say that a teenage girl were to go into the Japanese version of Claire's and ask to have her ears pierced with those creepy gun things they use. How much would this cost? I tried to look up the dollar price on (because then I could convert it to yen on another site), but it just talked about different kinds of earrings you can buy once the job is done. Anyone have an idea how much this kind of piercing job costs? Bueller?

Thanks in advance!

Edit 1: I'm going to place it at 2800 yen ($25 USD). This topic needs no more replies. Thank you!

American Candies not in Japan

I've done some google-ing and it's bringing up things about Japanese candy. Do any of you know of any specific american candies that aren't in Japan and easy to get? I need something that my character who's going to school there would have to have friends ship to her or come home on a visit and buy in bulk to have and trade with Japanese students.

Thanks again for the help.

Edit: you guys rock!!! I've got lots of greatness to work with. Thanks lots. I've tons of info but if you think of anything else, I'll take all the help I can get.

British military, civilian liaison rank

What I have is a group of scientists working in a military installation that the British government 'will deny all existence of.' Now there is a woman who works with both sides of the coin (military/civilian), coordinating meetings, information transfer, etc.

I know her title would probably be something along the lines of 'Senior Liaison' but would she hold a rank? And if she did what would that rank be; NCO/CO/what?

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Another Mandarin Chinese question!

I'm working on a story now where I have a character who is a kid learning Chinese by picking it up from one of his friends. He understands pretty well most of the time, but when he doesn't, I'm showing it by actually writing the bits in Chinese. This works OK most of the time since it's just the occasional word, but I'm not completely sure of how to say "He's never lit fireworks before!" in Mandarin. I have it as "Ta mei fang guo huapao!" (他沒放過花炮!) Is this correct?

Thanks for your help!

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Looking for the name of a song

Thanks everyone for all the useful info on my last post; I appreciate it.

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EDIT: Wow, that was fast. But I'm sure there was a version of the video that had a song with lyrics...?

EDIT 2: The video is the short film "MORE" by Mark Osborne. I still don't know the name of the song that was occasionally paired with it, though. Someone has suggested it was a Radiohead song.
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Question about black eyes and bruising

hi All,

I have a character who is currently being held captive, tried to escape, and got beaten up in the process. He has two black eyes and a lot of facial bruising, as well as on the torso as they kind of got upset with him. I had intended to have his eyes swell shut because of it.

how long would it take before he could start to see again, and how long before the bruising dissapeared?