May 24th, 2006

Inducing Epilepsy and Future Wars

Some rather hypothetical questions - I just want something that sounds plausible.

1) How could someone go about inducing epilepsy (specifically frontal lobe epilepsy) in a child, either in the womb or up to 1 year old. I appreciate no-one has the definitive answer to this - I just want something that makes sense.

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2) Who will Britain be at war with in 2036 and why?

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Thank you
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Health foods that give high energy

I'm writing some fanfiction involving Elektra (not the movie! :D ), and I was curious what some of the most effective health foods out there were. Specifically, what gives one the most energy/strength? She's kind of a hyperathelete (an assassin, actually, although without any actual 'superpowers'); what easy-to-prepare things would she eat to keep her able to, you know, scale buildings and stuff? It doesn't have to be tasty - in fact, it's better if it's not (helps with my characterization of her). And what things would she avoid? Money is no object. Thanks. :)

The term "van" or "vanguard"

I have read the term "van" often in stories about armies, and from what I understand this is short for "vanguard", or the front of a marching army. Do I have the sense of the word correct?

If so, why do I often see it written "forward van"? Wouldn't any van be forward? I noticed I wrote this myself, and got thinking about it. Perhaps it is redundant.

Yet, I'm afraid if I delete the "forward" the sentence may cause a reader to picture a minivan trundling towards battle, haha. What do you think?
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Vitamin K (not the antidote for rat poison, the other one)

My character wishes to buy ketamine one fine morning. He's not a veteranarian, but he is in Manhattan.

I'm quite square, but I want to get it right. What sort of interaction would he and the retailer have? I assume they'd be somewhat euphamistic, but I don't want to overdo that. The character may not have bought K from this partiular person before, but he's not new to it entirely.

I'm so ignorant I don't even know what I don't know, so there's probably a question I should be asking or a detail I should be giving that I'm omitting out of ignorance.

Thanks in advance.

Nigerian accent

Are there guides for writing foreign accents out there, either online or in print?
I'm specifically looking for help with the accent of a West African who is speaking American English moderately well.

I haven't received any email from my numerous, trusted Nigerian friends in some time.

Edit: Ok. Thanks everyone!
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Hanging pregnant women and medieval real estate

Two questions.

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On an unrelated note--not quite sure how to phrase this question (and therefore not sure how to google it)--in modern America, we have residential zones, commercial zones, industrial and government zones, etc. Was there any such thing, or anything similar, present in any culture of medieval Europe? How did commoners buy/sell land (or did they)? How was noble property bought and sold? Does anyone have some good reference URLs so I might read up on this sort of thing?
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Fishing with arrows

So I have a character who is pretty heavy into archery; kid is good, and he loves it.

He's recently been introduced to the idea of spearfishing, and finds this intriguing ("It's like archery with a bigger arrow and no bow!"). He's got it in his head that he's going to try fishing with his bow and arrows now.

What I need to know is if this can succeed, and if so, to what degree? Should he tie a string to his arrow for ease of pulling the fish back after he's shot it? To what degree would that fuck up the trajectory, would it get caught on the bow when he was firing, etc, etc?

I know a fair bit of archery (and physics) myself, so don't feel you have to dumb down your answer for me; I probably know what you're talking about.

[Edit] He's planning to wade into the shallows and shoot fish at a fairly close distance, 10ft at the most. I know he'd stand no chance in hell standing on the shore and shooting from like forever away XD [/Edit]

[Edit 2] Thanks, guys! I got some real useful replies here, I think I have enough to play this out. More info is always welcome, though, if you got it. [/Edit 2]