May 21st, 2006

Incest In Japan: Illegal?

I was wondering if incest between siblings is illegal in Japan- and in this case, the older sibling also happens to be the younger sibling's legal guardian, though the younger one is nineteen, and therefore older than the age of consent. All I've been able to find out so far is that the offense isn't dealt with specifically, but can be dealt with in reference to other laws. Anything you can offer would be great, and thanks in advance!

City of Dis

I'm writing a series (trilogy) which takes place (roughly) two thirds in Hell, and one third in Heaven. I need descriptions of the "levels" of Heaven and Hell, and I've Googled and Wikied it to death, but I can't find ONE COMPACT webpage to describe them all.

I'm wondering three things:

I. What are some good books that would include descriptions of all the "levels" of Heaven and Hell? I know about Dante's Divine Comedy, but I'm looking more for non-fiction, and not poetry.
II. Any good webpages anybody knows about? I've done the Dante's Divine Comedy Inferno Quiz, and have the link to all those descriptions, but they're not very detailed.
III. Anybody know anything about this stuff themselves? Titles/names of each level, as well as geography/whatever would be appretiated.

Thanks in advance!
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small towns and commercial truck driving

I'm writing a short story about a small town in the 1960's. My main protagonist is a roughly-nineteen year old boy, young but not too young, who is driving a semi to a small town in Colorado to pick up a load of cargo there.

I just have a few questions:

Is nineteen too young to be a truck driver in the '60s?

What's it like to live in a small town? I'm talking really small, the kind of town where everyone knows everyone else. I'm a city girl myself, so I don't know what it would be like. How big would the population be? Are they welcoming to visitors?

(later) Thanks a bunch you guys, I have pretty good idea of what I need now!
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Vampire Stories, Catholicism, French History

This is probably the weirdest thing any of you will ever be asked, but here goes:

How would a 16-year-old boy in 1308 France flee the country?
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Ok, yet another question! What would he be speaking? How far removed is Old French from modern? Old Italian? Old English?
(Ok, we're chalking that 'old Italian' thing up to the fact that I haven't slept in...oh, a long time. And the fact that I'm supposedly doing homework right now...)
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Next question! (you tired of me yet?)
So, my boy here's Catholic. Would he carry a rosary? Would he go to confession? What kind of things would be standard for him? What things would he not be allowed to do by the Church? Any details/personal experiences of being Catholic would be loved. I'm firmly Druidic, and my friends are all Protestant, so...yeah...

And, finally, last question.
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Thank you so much!

EDIT: Questions answered! Thanks for the overwhelming response!!!

motorcycles, weight, additional person

Ok, I tried googling this to no avail. When you ride a motorcycle, and stick someone on the back holding on to you, does the additional weight change how you maneuver or ride? And also, how annoying would it be if the person in front was wearing a helmet, but the person in the back didn't?

My protagonist has a motorcycle, specifically not a loud Harley, but one of the ones built for extreme speed. She's making a get away after robbing someone and she runs into someone that she has to bring with her on her motorcycle. She's a woman of average height and weight but the guy she brings is like a pretty big guy of 6'7" with weight proportional to that (whatever it would be). She rides in front and he holds on to her. How does riding with him change how she drives? (and what's the correct term for "driving" a motorcycle?)
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Childhood Schizophrenia - treatment and logistics

Right. So I have a male character, Ajax, who is aged seventeen and was diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia when he was about ten. However, Ajax isn't really schizophrenic - he's psychic, and can sense others thoughts and often experiences hallucinations or visions of the future. When he was a child, Ajax had difficulty distinguishing these visions from reality - he would inform his parents that he heard other people's thoughts and saw things in his mind that hadn't happened yet. His parents naturally assumed that their son was suffering from delusions and symptoms of psychosis, and took the proper steps to get his diagnosed and treated.
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So, after than long-winded explanation, my questions are these: What affect would anti-psychotic medicines have on someone who didn't have schizophrenia? Also, what sort of schools would Ajax attend? His parents are well-to-do, and could afford to send him to a private school. If he engaged in criminal activity, could he be sent to a reform school, or would he be more likely sent to a school that specialized in psychologically unwell children? After Ajax's suicide attempt, he spent some time in a mental hospital, and though neither he nor his parents want to repeat that experience, I would still like to know what sort of conditions he would have been subject to. Also, what would happen when Ajax turned eighteen? Would he still be considered a minor under his parents own care, due to his condition, would he be legally in charge of himself, or something in between?

Is there anyone who can shed light on this matter?