May 20th, 2006

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Attracting the CPS

(I do not have the faintest idea how to goofle soemthing like this.. sorry)

So, the situation: I have a character who is a pop star, in a story set in Los Anglees a few years in the future. he is married to a girl who's 11 years youinger than he is; they got married when she was 17 and when I want the Child rpotection Services attraction to happen she is almsot 21, and pregnant with their third child (wel, 3 & 4 but she doesnpt know that yet)

Now, what I need is for them to atttract the attention of the CPS a la britney-driving-with-kid-in-lap; however, i don't wnat it to be an actual action, motre like the guy saying something incredbly stupid in an interview, since sticking his foot in his mouth is what he does best. Only, since I do not know how the CPS thing actually works (I am not from the US) I have no idea what precisely could trigger some sort of an uproar leading to an investigation/inquiry/whatever.

So, any help on the subject would be appreciated :)
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Working in the medical field and dreams

Apologies if this doesn't belong here. The rules didn't say anything about asking about personal experiences, but if there's a more appropriate community for this, I'll move it there.

For those of you that work in the medical field, the ER in particular: Do you often have dreams or nightmares about your job? If you do, what do you normally dream about? Is it common for you to jerk awake during these dreams?

Any little tidbits about sleep habits in relation to working in the medical field would be appreciated as well.

drugs & personal experience

I know this seems like a really obviously Google-able question, but I'm obviously impotent [but not in the baby-making way]. I also obviously am forgetting my days of DARE.

So, what drug, that isn't marijuana leaves you in a sort of hazy state? No hallucinations. After it's effects are off you don't remember what you did while on the drug.
Disregard that. I think remembering is better for the plot anyway.
I'm sure there are plenty of drugs that fit this loose description, and I don't really know what I'm looking for my character to take yet. Preferably something fairly simple to get and widely-known for easier comprehension.

Any personal experience stories while on drugs would be helpful and appreciated, too since I can't speak from experience. Thanks in advance.
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Hemophilia and injuries

My character is a high school aged boy in the present day who has hemophilia or some other sort of disorder that would be unnoticeable to a stranger. He's going to be dead before the story starts, so I'm not picky as to what disorder. He walks into a robbery, and the intruders subdue him somehow and leave him bound with duct tape on the floor where he won't be found for six to seven hours.

I'm looking for an injury to give him that would be lethal for him but almost certainly wouldn't kill a boy without his condition as the intruders need to leave without realizing they're going to become murderers. He needs to have something visibly odd with him before he's autopsied, so a closed head injury or abdominal bleeding are probably out. Hemophilia seemed like an obvious choice since there could be a surprising amount of blood given his injury or a unusually swollen joint/limb, but I'm not sure where the line is between killing him and keeping a healthy boy alive. Google turns up plenty of information on what categories of injuries warrant an ER visit, but I haven't found anything about how severe any given injury would have to be in order to require immediate treatment.

ETA: Diabetic coma it shall be. Thanks, everyone.


I've been making this way too complicated for myself, but I'm going to keep going with it anyway.

So I've got a guy stuck in a room. He ate at 7am, and gets locked in at 8. He's about 5'10", around 25 years old, and as far as I've been able to find he should be about 160lbs if he's in good shape. (Does that sound right?)

So this room he's stuck in, it's 9x9 (or whatever the heptagonal equivalent), has several windows (that can't be opened - unless running out of air becomes an issue, in which case I can ger them open eventually), and is at a fairly high altitude.

I've (tried) to do the math, but I won't bore you with that. Basically, is it feasible to say he could be have severe/near-fatal dehydration, (having lost 15% of his body weight from water loss) after 30 hours?

EDIT: The temperature is probably like a greenhouse on top of a skyscrapper. (I don't know if that would make it hotter than regular room temperature or cooler though.) Also, I forgot to mention this, he's only got a couple power bars with him and no way to get him any food or water.