May 19th, 2006

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Romanian/Albanian/Armenian Profanity

Hey folks.

I'm looking for Romanian, Albanian and/or Armenian profanity. But not hard profanity - I've found a lot of that on InsultMonger's Swearasaurus - but mild stuff, like "Damn!" or just general annoyance type words. Like what you'd say if you smashed your hand in your car door, or spilled your coffee, or something like that.

All I can find with Google is the hard stuff, but I want milder. Thanks for any help!
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Japanese Memorial Services circa 1866

Hello. I've tried googling this, but either I'm not looking in the right place or it's too obscure to find. I can find articles on funeral customs back in the Tokugawa era, but I am not sure of 19th century customs for memorial days, or death anniversaries in Japan at that time. A lot of people in the western world would visit the grave and leave flowers on each anniversary, but the culture for west and east can be vastly different and I don't want to be inaccurate.

So ... can anyone tell me if the Japanese have any customs of note on the memorial day of loved ones in the 19th century?

Thanks in advance.

Weapons and basic killing methods...

I was just wondering what would happen in these scenarios that seem to be writing themselves into my fanfic:

What would really happen if someone was doused with gasoline, from a refill-station pump, and then had a lit roadflare hit them?

Would a six-year-old boy be able to fire a .38 or a .22 pistol? Also, would there be more damage then just him braking both his wrists?

How long would a broken wrist take to heal?

Is it really possible to kill someone by stabbing them in the eye with a four-inch blade? If not, just how badly would they be incapacitated? And for how long?

How long would it take someone to die after their throat had been cut open?

How strong, in general, is a six-year-old boy? How much would daily, semi-strenuous, exercise affect this?
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Recovery from stab to thigh?

I have a character who has been stabbed through the thigh. She was taken to the hospital, treated and later released. Unfortunately while I can find lots of info on first aid for the injury, I can't seem to find the follow up instructions.

How would any follow up treatment following her release go? How long until she had the use of her leg?

The character herself is a doctor, so I really can't fudge with the details despite her more-rapid-than-a-human healing rate.
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Getting a large tattoo

Anyone out there with experience as a tattoo artist, or who has a large tattoo?

I've found the answers to most of my questions about tattoos through Google, but inevitably, there's something left to ask. Which is as follows: I want my character to get a Chinese dragon, mostly black with only a tiny patch of colour, that goes from right shoulder to top of left buttock. What I envision does not cover the entire back but essentially, decorates down the spine. (Except that it would be mostly on one or other side of the spine, like a very elongated S shape, as I believe the spinal area is particularly sensitive and I don't want to torture the poor chap.)

Would it be possible to accomplish this in a single day? I have seen mentions of all-day sessions lasting at maximum eleven hours - presumably that includes breaks. If it isn't possible to get such a tattoo done in one go, then how is it split? Is the outlining done first, with the client returning for another session to have the shading done? Or does the tattooist complete a section from outlining to colouring, and start afresh on the next area at the next appointment? Either way, what kind of time would have to elapse between one session and the next, and how far would the tattoo need to have healed?

Additionally, if anyone can give me an idea whether there is any particular smell to a tattoo parlour - antiseptics, or the smell or ink, or whatever - I would be most grateful. I don't think there is one locally where I could investigate!

ETA: Wow, so many helpful responses, so fast! Thank you all!

Emotions after Birth Complications

Any moms out there:

Did you ever experience a difficult delivery where something was wrong with the baby/baby's status but you didn't know exactly what was wrong? What was going through your mind? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you remember that day? How would you describe your emotional state? What did you do? How did the doctor act/respond to your concerns?

(the main character of my novella is giving birth to an infant with an "extremely unusual" birth defect... and the doctor won't say what is wrong)
Anything would be helpful and appreciated!
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Falling Off A Cliff

It's amazing how many attorneys there are for "slip & fall" accidents on Google, when you're searching for injuries from falling off cliffs.

In my story, there's a cliff. An icy one, with snow and ice below it, on the side of a mountain. It's a pathway that's probably about 1.5 to 2 meters wide, and snow is covering ice patches on the path. I'm really bad with heights but I'm talking a large cliff, though the size can be altered to fit what I need to happen.

The whole scenario is:

Character A is walking ahead of Character B when he suddenly slips and tumbles over the edge. B grabs him but is pulled over as well, due to the ice and his crappy shoes. He rolls in the air so that his back takes the brunt of the impact, with A against his chest. They both need to live, but there's some pretty advanced magic at their rescue, so that shouldn't be too much of an issue. Also, A is very sturdy and is prone to jumping from as high as three stories and walking away without a scratch. The cliff, therefore, should be more than 3 stories.

How much damage would Character A sustain? And what about Character B? What kind of injuries would be created from this fall? And how tall is a tall cliff, anyways?
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New York/New Jersey transit system

I've got a character traveling from Elizabeth, NJ to New York City, his destination being Lincoln Center. What trains/subways would he take? Would he have to stop at Newark and take the subway from there? I tried googling and found this site, but I'll admit it, I'm not good with maps. This is why my friends drive on road trips. Furthermore, the New Jersey Transit Rail map doesn't tell me if the trains/subways/whatever go to Penn Station or just depart from it. Any help on this would be most appreciated indeed.
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Names of Pacific Ocean Currents

I've tried looking this up but all I come up with are maps that are very formal and tecnical. So, I need to know the name of the main ocean currents that run next to LA and also one that runs directly west or even north. My character has had a boating accident and when the wreckage of his boat turns up, his family starts looking but they're looking in the wrong direction. (He's still alive but his family doesn't know that.) Thanks in advance.