May 18th, 2006


A question about dating systems...

This is really just a hypothetical question, I want to see what opinions people have on it.

Dating systems: As you know, the west currently counts its dates from the alleged date of the birth of Christ (as worked out by monks in the 8th - 9th century, I think). Anything before that is arbitrarily labelled as 'BC'.

Now the questions I have are as followed:

If there had been no suitable event on which to base the dating, how do you think dating systems would have developed?

What do you think will happen if and when we get to 10,000 AD? Will we count on from that point, reset to zero, or will some other event have occured to make us define a new year 1? Or, maybe, will we have made up a whole new dating system based on something completely different?

I'm asking because the story I am writing is currently set at least 15,000 AD, far away from earth and am wondering about dating systems in this sort of context. At the moment I am using 'AE' as 'After Empire' for one planet's dating system but there are situations where characters are coming across references to the older systems used.

I'd also be interested in any information on alternative real world dating systems - the Jewish and Moslem calenders, for exampe. I've not googled this yet but may do soon.

Mainly just looking for opinions and ideas.
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I need biographical trivia on the following people:

Daniel Boone
Nikola Tesla
Jack Parsons (helped found JPL)
Ayn Rand
Buddy Holly
Joseph McCarthy
Eric Dolphy (jazz musician)
Alex Raymond (created Flash Gordon)

Also, if you know any interesting stories about Mothman, or Operation Paperclip, please let me know.

I'm weaving all these together into a doozy of an alternate history.

(update: Of course I don't need basic information. I've read at least one book on all of the people above (except for McCarthy, and he's next). I also know more about Daniel Boone than most anybody -- I grew up next to Boonesboro, KY. What I need is really interesting information and stories that are not in the normal books. I need amazing information. When I get time I'll post some stuff about Daniel Boone and you'll see what I mean).
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Not exactly a "little" detail....

In Florida---

If an abusive parent loses custody of a child (age 15) and the child is put into foster care, can a parent file for custody again and win if he's cleaned up his act?

Second question:

If a child is in foster care, can he be adopted by someone who is not his foster parent? And would the adopter need permission from the biological father? Or just the state?

The blind living on their own

Ok, I've googled this and such but I can't quite get the answer I'm looking for.

I have some idea of how a household with a blind person would be set up, but I'm not sure just how much the individual would be able to do while in their home.

How well can a person, blind all their life, take care of themself? Can they clean up? Can they cook at all? What can they do without help? I know it would probably vary with the person- but how would a blind person get by? Would they have assistance? Like a personal aide or something?

What sort of things would a person be free to do in a the house? My character would want to be active much of the time but I want to know how much of the activites would be plausible.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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What it feels like to have an exersise-induced asthma attack

Hello everyone -

I've a character who has exercise-induced asthma attacks on occassion.

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Thanks very much in advance!

ETA: Thanks so much to the people who have already responded! I honestly appreciate it. :)
I still welcome any additional comments along the vein of discussion, but I'd suggest you read over what people have already said and how I've responded. :) Namely: I probably won't have him pass out from asthma-related causes. He may be very weak and slump down, but won't actually pass out. And that might not be from asthma at all - it might be from the injuries sustained during the fight. :)