May 16th, 2006

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Chicago architecture

I'm working on a radio script at the moment, a sort of futuristic detective story. I'm looking for some help on Chicago, since my private eye happens to live there, and I have never been. My main question is, what sort of materials are most of the buildings there made of, espescially in the more run-down parts of the city? When I originally wrote this as a novel, I didn't specify where it was taking place, and from that I get the following passage:

The Dive was in the half of town that had mostly survived the great wars of the 21st century. From above the effect was stunning -- you could practic draw a line where the shimmering domes and sleek steel towers gave way to old tar-roofed brick buildings.

I want to preserve that for the most part in my narration, but I want to get my architecture right. Any Chicagoites able to help me out?
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Dancing & 'Valet'

Alright, so first things first: I've started a story wherein the major character is taking a beginner's dance class. I am, however, relatively unfamilar with dancing, and I need a few ideas of dances that one could do with a partner that aren't extremely complicated. Also, is a waltz a good idea for a beginner's class? As I recall, the version I learned was very easy.

My second question has to do with valets. No, not the parking kind. I mean the ones who are similar to butlers, but they serve a specific person instead of a family. My question is if there is a female equivilent to a valet, and if so, what are they called? Are they also called valets, and were they only used in certain time-periods? My setting is a pseudo-England, similar to the early 1800's, if that helps at all.

ETA: While all the dancing things about the 1800's are very interesting(and possibly useful to me later on), the two questions are refering to different periods. The first one to a modern setting, the second to my psuedo-England.

Post near death desert damage recovery period

I have all the medicine, mechanics and science of injury and body damage for a character that all most doesn't make it in a desert environment. He is rescued in the nick of time and will survive. Also magical world so I can nudge one or two things to work better. I am looking at clarifying what kind of experiences physical and mental this fella is likely to suffer through during the long healing period by holistic means. Especially during the edge of consciousness stages after the coma.
Beyond the obvious agony that is. He will be recovering from severe extreme dehydration, heat stroke, burns, hunger, weapon injuries, ick a parasite infection and partial blindness to start with; I may get meaner to him. We have a late teen/early adult guy in excellent physical health who was out on his first holy mission; no it did not go well for him, there are just some things you can not prepare for. He will wind up with spiritual and emotional damage as well. So hallucinations? different pain types? Sensory info?
So all those with 1st hand accounts of what sensations you experience and what the mind is like, particularly the weird uncommon stuff, after traumatic injury chime in. Assume limited drug options.

Melting Steel

What's the flashpoint of industrial steel?

How hot would it have to get before such steel began to melt?

And how would a point source of such heat dissipate through a room?

I ask for writing purposes of course. I have an extreme (but brief) heat source in the middle of a modest sized bank vault, and I don't want to melt the vault, but I want the heat source to be as high as it can be.



Marriage, Monarchy, and the Media?

Hey, everyone. This is a personal project that will probably never be released (according to my brother, it's a ripoff of Crest of the Stars, even though I've never seen it), but since I'd like to get the most out of it as an exercise, I thought I might as well go ahead and ask my questions. Setting is a science-fiction alternate universe, technological/social advancements are what I'd imagine things might be like about 20-30 years from now (the internet's pretty much all-pervasive but not exactly implanted into people's brains yet), and the monarchical traditions are as close to euro/anglocentric as Wikipedia will get me.

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Thanks for putting up with the ramble, everybody. This comm is amazing.
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Large Transport Vehicle In 1920 - 1930

For the record, I am such an idiot.

What's the name for a largeish motor transport vehicle used in the UK, which I think was converted from a military truck of some kind, in the 1920's and 30's? I'm pretty sure it begins with an S. I know I'd be able to find pictures and even perhaps a Wikipedia article if I could remember it's friggin' name.

I need it for a particularly odd Steampunk piece, and I realised I didn't know how many people you could fit into one, and then realised I'd completely forgotten what the damn car was called. So yet again I call apon your wide wordly expertise, Little Details readers!

Thank you.