May 11th, 2006

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Hungarian Law

For those who live in the area -

Are there any Hungarian civil laws, particular in the city of Budapest, that one might consider, well, silly? I'm talking along the lines of Baltimore, Maryland's law that states "You can't take a lion to the movies" or Oxford, Ohio's ban on female nudity in front of male photographs.

Thanks in advance!

Eye injuries

I have a character who has been disfigured by a sword cut across her right cheek/eye/forehead - this is a big, ugly scar we're talking about, not a nice little cosmetic scratch. However, I would like her not to have entirely lost sight in that eye - to be able to make out shadows or movement in the periphery. Is that possible, or would she have to have lost sight entirely/lost the eye completely? This is a universe with some considerable medical knowledge, although it is magic/herbal based rather than science based.

Similarly, if the eye is damaged, would it have to be removed, leaving her with a socket/closed lid, or could it still be in place? I am thinking of the "milky" look you see sometimes, but I also have a feeling that would have to be a result of disease rather than direct injury...

Would it be possible for the eye to have escape damage completely (e.g. she jumped backward just a fraction of a centimetre enough) and still have the scar - perhaps to appear as though she ought to have no sight in that eye, but in fact to be able to see quite well?

Any help would be appreciated!
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'Foxes Wedding', Humanoid Computers, and the Mafia

These are all almost completely unrelated and rather bizarre. Yes, I have too many works in progress, but here goes:

Firstly, the easy one: What d'you call it when it's sunny and raining at the same time?

Colloquisms, scientific terms, funny old sayings... anything. I've got that in Japan they say 'The foxes are having a wedding' and some parts of the US 'The Devil is beating his wife' - It'd be handy to know what parts of the USA, I was told the South but that's a biiiiiig bit of land - but anything else anyone can give me would be great. (Other than 'A damn nuisance', that is)

Secondly, the slightly harder one: I have two characters (Both male, one early twenties, the other late twenties) from 1930's Chicago (Probably. Doesn't have to be Chicago, but big city is good). They're both Italian/Sicilian-American (I haven't decided which, specifically, because I haven't heard anywhere that there was a huge difference between the two - Should I?), really good friends and middle-to-low ranking members of the Mafia. As in, high ranking enough to be in charge of a handful of people, but not any higher than that. I need some appropriate terms of affection/affectionate insults to put in the banter between them. Bonus brownie points if any of the affectionate insults are ever so slightly homophobic but not too insulting - the older of the two is somewhat effeminate and very definately gay, and the younger one is vaguely aware of this but doesn't take much notice - the only word I could come up with was 'pansy' but given that I'm living seventy years and a very large ocean away, I really don't know if that's even halfway useful.

Oh, and it's probably worth mentioning that only the language needs to be appropriate - thanks to the wonders of time travel, the actual context isn't 1930's America so actual attitudes towards gay Mafia guys don't apply. I'm just assuming he'd have kept pretty quiet about it back in Chicago.

And thirdly, the shot in the dark: All the searches I've done on this end up with shoddily written science fiction, the scientist who turned himself into an android or EveR-1 - which, cool as androids and robots are, are not what I'm looking for. Can anyone refer me to some good, scientifically sound science fiction or even science fact (I'm aware this may be pretty thin on the ground) about the actual logistics of using a human brain as a computer database? I've got putting human brains or human memories in robots and a fair bit on the actual likelihood of the whole 'Matrix' thing working (Which, incidentally, is virtually nil... but I digress) and that's not what I want - I'm talking just replacing the harddrive and memory of a computer with human brain matter. Oh, preferably still in the human, although they don't have to have 'normal' lives and unplugging them is not an option, just no pickle jars. Also any theories about interfacing with computers through some kind of mechanical implants...? Any info on biological computers...? If it helps, I'm looking specifically to know how old the person would have to be for this sort of thing to work (I imagine they'd have to work with a blank canvas...), how much hardware would theoretically be needed (Are we talking wiring the whole brain? Spine? Matrix style nine inch needle?) and what would likely happen when a harddrive that wasn't supposed to be unplugged DID.

Thanks a lot, folks - I'm mostly concerned with the first two, if it turns out there is no even vaguely scientifically sound info on the last one I'm happy to wing it, but I'm sure I heard it mentioned somewhere at some point...

Portuguese parents.


Hi. This is directed toward anybody who is of Portuguese heritage, Or anyone who is knows people who are, and are familier with the culture. What are some mannerisms/hobbies/common stereotypes of a Portuguese mother? The story takes place in the US, mind you, but "mother" is an immigrant. The main character ("daughter", if you will) is a teenager. The setting is Vietnam-era (either Chicago or Massachusetts...still haven’t decided). Thanks to all who reply!

good food in the bay area

This is more an opinion question than a fact question, which makes it hard to google or look up on wikipedia...

What's the best place to get burritos in the bay area? I'm especially looking for someplace a college student would go.

And as a separate (but related) question, is there a chain restaurant that would have great burritos with locations in both LA and the bay area?

ETA: And a third (also related) question... What's the best place for burritos near Anaheim or even LA?

I suppose it might help if I explained the situation, huh? I have one character from Anaheim who's been living elsewhere for years. She's visiting someone in Oakland while looking into attending Berkeley. They go out for burritos, and I want the first character to be able to say, "Wow, these are even better than the ones I used to get at __________" or "These are almost as good as the ones I used to get at _________" or "Wow, I didn't know this place had a location up here. I can't believe that if I go to Berkeley, I'll be able to get my favorite burritos again."

Ambiguous deity

I need a god (or possibly goddess, though a god would be preferred. Even a demigod or the like would probably do). He needs to be a figure that, within his own mythos, is viewed as sometimes good, and sometimes evil, preferably about evenly so. It would help greatly if he is traditionally associated with demons, angels, or some other at least vaguely humanoid helpers/spirits/etc. (and the helpers cannot be all female). Extra special bonus if he or his helpers are in some way positively associated with rats (ie rats are a totem/token/symbol/sacred animal).

If anyone can point me at a likely name or names, I can research specifics from there, though if you also wanted to tell me any details about your choice, I won't exactly say no...

Situation, if you care, is that Collapse )
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