May 8th, 2006


Amyl nitrite - cyanide & sex shops?

According to Wikipedia and other random sources, amyl nitrate is an effective antidote for cyanide poisoning. I have a few questions regarding this.

1) In the movies when someone ingests cyanide, they keel over fairly quickly. How fast would the antidote have to get to someone to save his life?

2) What would be the most effective way to administer amyl nitrite as an antidote to said cyanide - inhalation? Something else?

3) Amyl nitrite is described as having a "penetrating odour" - what, exactly, does it smell like? How far does ths smell carry - ie, would people across the room be able to smell it, or just people close by? Would the smell linger for any length of time?

4) I'm given to understand that amyl nitrite "poppers" of various brand names are sold in some sex shops. Are they illegal anywhere? Does anyone know of a database with this information? And perhaps most important, is there any reason why poppers wouldn't work as a cyanide antidote in a pinch?
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Lutheran Priests

What would the Priest in charge of a Lutheran church be called by memebers of his congregation?

Also, is there anything in the layout of a Lutheran church that would make it different from other protestant churches?


I'm asking mainly about in the USA, particularly the New England area. And as for differences from other churchs, I mean important ones I guess. Like, if they don't have pews seated the way other churches would

Procedures and costs for committing insane adult

I have a character who is decidedly nuts. From a light description, she seems normal. She likes to drink a certain kind of juice, she likes to watch a certain show on TV, she likes to shower at certain times of the day. She's been this way since she was a kid, not really participating in any activities except those listed above. Her parents supported her in the few things she liked to do, figuring she'd grow out of it when she grew up, as most odd little children eventually do.

But this was not to be so. As she got older, she only got worse. She used to go outside every one in a while, but not anymore. She's 22 years old now, 350 pounds, doesn't have a job, refuses to go to school, refuses to do anything except watch TV. Her parents have tried taking the TV away for periods of time, to which she reacts by staring into space without responding to anything until her TV is restored. Sometimes she isn't so passive, and she yells and screams and cries. She isn't mentally incapicitated in any other way than her TV addiction, she is able to hold intelligent conversation and so on, she's just deranged and massively antisocial, refusing any treatment. Her parents threaten to kick her out on the street, but since she's their only child they wouldn't actually have the heart to do that. Also, they think she'd kill herself.

Now I know that if you're under 18 (in the USA, in Californa), your parents basically have the right to toss you into whatever rehabilitation program they please. How does this change after they come of age? What procedures would they have to go through to have her committed, and about how much would it cost (if anything)? How would the girl, being a reasonably intelligent legal adult, try to make things difficult for them? Note: Although she is reasonably intelligent, her emotional fits would probably make her unable to pass a psychiatric evaluation.

Google just brings me stuff about sex offenders, for some reason. Thanks in advance for all your help!

[Edit:] If the TV is taken away for a long enough time, she does pitch a fit and threaten to commt suicide. The parents give it back to her because they're pretty convinced that she would do it.
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Drugs in Vietnam/late-60s

I have two related questions... two of the characters in my novel were both around 19 or 20 during the Vietnam War, and both did drugs. The setting's probably around 1969, I believe.

How would 1) a soldier in the middle of Vietnam go about buying/using heroin? Where could he buy it in between fighting? For how much? Would he use it in front of the other soldiers, or in privacy (if so where)?

And, then, 2) what would the situations be for a die-hard, school-dropout Vietnam protestor who used LSD and marijuana? How would she get her hands on some, and for how much? What would the conditions be when she'd use it?

Thanks for the help!

French: Food/Sexual innuendo mix-up

I know this isn't really the best place to ask, and I haven't done any research either, but that's because 1) I have no idea how to start, and 2) it's rather urgent - the story this is for should have been done on May 1st.

So, what I need is something a person could order in a restaurant in France (I was thinking little street cafe, but this is variable) that is very easy to get wrong - basically, I want this person to demand something that's no even food, but sounds similar to something. An added bonus would be if this had a sexual implication, i.e. he'd be asking for something he really doesn't want to receive from the waitress.

Thanks a bunch!
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Questions about Movies

1) Around what year did it become the norm to rent dvd's instead of videotapes? I'm guessing around 2000, is that right?

2) Does anyone know of a website where I could find a list of all the movies that came out in, say, 1997? Imdb doesn't sort movies by year, as far as I know.

ETA: Second question has been answered! Thanks!
ETA: First question has been answered, as well! Thanks to everyone who replied.
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Catholic Baptisms

I've googled and wikipedia'ed around and haven't come up with a definitive answer.

If a Roman Catholic - not a very devout one, he doesn't regularly go to church - wants to baptize his child, do both of the godparents he chooses have to be Roman Catholic? Are there more lax Roman Catholic churches that don't mind if one of the godparents is, say, Baptist? Or are all Roman Catholic churches strict about having both godparents be Catholic?

ETA: The answer, as I kind of expected, seems to be that it depends on the church, but at least one godparent must be Catholic, if not both. Thanks, everyone :)