April 30th, 2006


Polish "Reinvent"

What would be the closest word to the english "reinvent" in Polish? I have tried using dicitonaries, but none seem to have this general meaning translated. It does not need to be precise, but I would prefer it to be one word, if possible.

EDIT: Thank you for your quick responses! The word is used as a command to one's self, kind of as a Phoenix-type theme - the character uses it to remind themselves to constantly evolve, change, and recreate themselves as something better.

Human hieght by age

Can't figure out exactly what to google here, and wikipedia eluded my requests, so...

Q. How tall is a white human boy of around 10 years old?

Basically I need to have a boy king of around ten, who's about average weight. There will have been some stresses in his life, but from about age 7 on he had basically everything he wanted. How tall would this boy king be, on average? I would especially like those of you who have children to relate about how old your kids were at 10, so that I can get a range.

A- Thanks everyone, i'm gonna go with 4' 7"


Does anyone have a list of the tour dates from the Red Hot Chili Peppers "By the way" tour?
I've googled and googled and googled but no luck. :(
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Blood transfusion

Hi all,
I am writing a story which needs a little detail answering! A male character needs a blood transfusion. They are stranded on a primitive planet but luckily not so primitive! They have found some rubber tubing and needles. My question is how does one perform the transfusion?
I mean do you stick needles in both the donor and recipient, string a bit of rubber tubing between and hope for the best? If so, how does the blood know to go from the female into the male character and not the other way? or does gravity just do that? As long as the male recipient is lower than the female donor, gravity will flow the blood into the male?
OR do I need to have the female bleed into a jar and then said jar be held up and that drips blood into the male?
Any help would be great.