April 28th, 2006

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It's summer, 1999. You're 23 years old, laying back with candles lit, not caring that it's Saturday night and you're alone because you're blissed out on the heroin that's just graced whatever vein was willing to come out and play tonight. What song can't you get out of your head?

Bonus points if the term "Eurotrash" has ever been applied to you.
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Image Intensifiers

This is probably a ridiculously stupid question, I apologize in advance. Per usual, I've hunted around on wiki and google, and while I've got a lot of information on how they work and what is required, there is one question I haven't found an answer to.

Could I have an example of a case(s) in which an image intensifier (say, on a video camera) would not work? We're talking top o' the line equipment here, where, who, and how would it not pick certain things up?

Age limit in bars in California

This ought to be a relatively easy question to google, but I'm not getting the results I want. When I was a wee young thing, the drinking age in California was 21, but people 18 and over were allowed into bars, clubs, and taverns that were primarily for the purpose of serving alcoholic beverages if, for example, they submitted to getting a stamp on their hand or some other indicator that they were not allowed to purchase or drink alcoholic beverages while on the premesis.

Has this changed, legally? I haven't been paying much attention, since age 21 was 21 years ago now, but it seems to me every bar I've walked into in California has had a strict "21 and over" policy stamped on a sign right on the front door. Is this an elective policy, or a state law, that 18-20 year old adults cannot enter? I've read a few of the drinking laws, and they are so complex and full of detail of circumstances other than what I'm interested in, I can't make heads or tails of them.

Death by hanging

I have read a person could be hanged, and cut down soon enough to survive. From what I've learned, survivability depends on the method of hanging...because some drops would break the person's neck or completely sever the spinal cord. Assuming that a person is hung on a gallows, where a board is slid out from beneath their feet, would this result in them being choked to death rather than suffering a broken neck?

How long could a person hang like this and still survive if they were cut down? 30 seconds or so?

Afterwards I am assuming that person would have a very sore neck...perhaps difficulty breathing or swallowing for some time.
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Blood Evidence/ DNA degradation

Okay, so I've taken a forensics course AND Advanced Placement Bio not too long ago (less than 3 years ago) and I can't remember for the life of me what the word is that's used to describe DNA or Proteins that have been degraded or that have "died" in the sense that they no longer work.

I have spent the last 25 minutes just searching Google to no avail and I figured I would ask on here cause my lovely best friend told me to!

I'm an obssessed CSI watcher and fanfic writer and it would be silly for me to not be able to label what happens when blood evidence or proteins break down!

I know it's not an intentional breakdown of the DNA (so it's not DNA digetion) and I'm 99.9% positive that the word begins with "de" and isn't degeneration or degradation!

Any help would be INCREDIBLY appreciated!!!

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public boarding schools in the UK

This is a rather bizarre question, but I'm assuming I have a good number of UK citizens/anglophiles on the list.

Could any of you give me (in your opinion) a top four of public boarding schools in the UK? By top four, I don't mean "best", but rather, "best known".

Any US opinions would be valued as well, because the characters who need to know this are American boys.

[Edit: Sorry, to clarify: I do mean the UK version of 'public'; or as Wikipedia puts it: "fee-charging independent secondary schools, often synonymous with members of the Headmaster's Conference".]
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Sign Language for "I Missed You"

Just a quick question on signing. Does anyone know how you would sign the words "I missed you" to a deaf person? Not just spelling out the words but the actual actions?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Ps. I've got it in my head from somewhere that sign language is not the same in different countries (well, it makes sense) so if possible could I have the American version.
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A house's fate after losing its family?

I've tried searching for this on Google, but have never really been able to come up with something concrete.

Let's say that an entire family dies in some sort of tragic accident, such as a plane crash. What will happen to their house? Would their relatives have claim of it and sell it at their leisure? What if they had no close relatives living? Who would deal with the house? The people who sold it to them in the first place?

And if that is the case...can anyone estimate how long would it take for it to be ready to be on the market again? What would happen to all of their stuff? What else would have to be taken care of before it could be sold again?

Thank you in advance to anyone who can give me some sort of answer. This is the my first time doing this, so if I've missed some obscure criteria or something or the sort, please let me know.

Convenience store roof access

This is sort of an odd question but I’m looking for enough information to make it sound plausible in the story.

I have a character (male, 20-something, athletic type) who is on the roof of a convenience store. Now I’m going to get him up there using a dumpster/truck/stack of boxes and an access ladder (is there a technical term for the metal ladders on the side of a roof?) and I want him to get into the building using a roof vent.

I’ve heard this is possible but my problem is I really don’t know HOW to make that work. Would he have to take apart the heating/cooling unit on the roof? Would he have to crawl through ducts of some sort? Or would he basically just fall through the ceiling?

This would be set in the United States if it affects anything and due to setting noise and/or cops will not be a problem but he needs to stay on the roof for safety reasons. Also, if there are any other options (door on roof?) please feel free to suggest them.