April 18th, 2006

1970's Pinball Tourneys

I am looking for information or references to 1970's Pinball Tournaments. (Yup, I've Googled this). I am writing a scene that revolves around this idea -- what can I say, I'm not shooting for an Oscar here -- and haven't been able to find anything. Has anybody heard of such sordid affairs? If so, any links, articles or information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, please let me know if this isn't pertinent...

torso wounds

It's funny how many posts on this community seem to deal with how to wound or kill someone, haha.

I need to know what part of the torso would bleed the most if sliced (not stabbed) with the blade of a sword, and it would be especially helpful if there was a place a person could receive this kind of wound, bleed a whole lot, and still live...at least a few days.
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Cracked ribs recovery

Hello, all. I'm looking for personal experiences from people who have had cracked or broken ribs. Google and Wiki have told me about healing times, but what I'm really looking for is duration of soreness and of difficulty taking a deep breath.

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Now, according to my sources, in a healthy adult the bone is essentially set within 3 months, though it wouldn't be completely healed for up to a year and a half. I'm wondering how much pain my hero would be in at, say, three weeks and six weeks after the injury and how active he could be. This affects the timing of later events in the story. I need him to be able to function somewhat normally--walking, eating, sleeping without undue distress--but to be at a disadvantage when he gets into a later fight, so I need an idea of how to time it all.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Registered Nurses: Economy in Pacific Northwest

What would be the target income for a registered nurse in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Idaho, Oregon)?

What are some potential problems for RNs? (Spike in needed education, loss in wages?)

And is there a long history of registered nurses?
I know the Red Cross, but I'm leaning toward more of personal care/ nursing home types.
Edit: Eeek, thank you so much for helping me x_x; I can't believe how lame I am at being unable to find the details..
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Pearl oysters

to make a long story (10,000 words and counting) short, i need info on perals, after hours spent reading digests on industry fluxation and what not my questions are not answerd. to i present them to you, knowing that eveyone here is much smater than wikki

a few small questions.

1: can pearl oysters and eating oysters be grown side by side?

2: when cultured perals are produced, is the seed pearl placed by hand into the narce or is it sat on top? do they cut the mother of pearl with a knife or is there a special tool?

3: i need a river in australia where oysters are grown. perferably near where pearl oysters are grown too.

google is not my friend
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Cooking failure

Let's say you are making [basic noodles] or the like, how could you make them UNtasty without adding anything extra?
I'm thinking switching the salt with sugar, but would it still "bake" normally? Maybe it wont change the taste that much at all?

EDIT: Should have clarified; I want the food to still look like it's all good untill you taste it. Other basic courses that have a easy way to screw up are welcomed too!

I don't want to actually try it out myself since it would be quite the waste of food haha.
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Ingestible poisons detectable only by tox screen?

I'm writing a sort of murder-mystery story in which a victim is discovered, several days after death, with no outward signs of foul play. The autopsy also fails to yield anything that would conclusively identify the death as unnatural--that is, anything found could also be explained by something like a heart attack--so that the police have to wait for a tox screen. (This deferral is necessary for the timeline of the story.) What I need to know is: are there any kinds of fast-acting, ingestible poisons or toxins (e.g., that could be dissolved in a drink) that wouldn't show up clearly in an autopsy, but that would be identifiable with a tox screen?