April 16th, 2006


Medical Education (Eastern) Europe, 1905-1920.

I have a set of five scientists/doctors who need educating. I'm looking from about 1905 to WW1. They're located in Syria/Turkey/Armenia (Urfa and Van specifically) originally, but I know they have to get out of there by 1914 (probably to Russia.) I strongly suspect they're all going to have to be in Russia earlier...

Three of my scientists/doctors need training anywhere in the area. The other two are female, and I'm guessing they'd have already been in Russia for their medical education.

My problem is this: I cannot find lists of medical schools or hospitals that were big enough/important enough to be teaching, in this region during this time period. I need places for my renegade scientists to become scientists! Names/cities/anything.

Alternately, if I can't find them at all in this region, I'd like the names of German schools fitting the same criteria.

In both cases, places that accepted women are greatly needed - I can only find British schools, and a mention but not a name of a French one.

Thank you!
Deep Thought

Just need a word...

Just a quick question... It's late and no one else is still awake to ask...
What would be a term for a general thing that launches a projectile? What it launches is a projectile or a missile, be it arrow, rock, cow, &c., but what would be a word for general classification of all things trebuchet, sling, cannon, person throwing, bow, and such?
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Norns and Aztec gods

i've wikkied , I've used pantheon.org (incidentally, if anyone is looking for basic info on mythology that’s a great website, it's not always perfect, but its a good "cliff notes" version of a lot of things), I’ve looked in my oxford companion to world mythology and in a book on Norse myths

Can any one point me toward information regarding the Norns, specifically Verdandi. I know she was the demi-goddess of being/ the present/stillness but i cant get much more on her.


Does anyone have any information on Tezcatlipoca? i can find a decent amount about his rival Quetzalcotal, but I cant find as much about Tezcatlipoca.

mental health issues: dissociation

I have found some stuff through google and read lots of wiki articles on dissociation and depersonalisation but there is one question i'm just not finding an answer to:

"if someone is dissociating and effectively a different personality during the times she can't remember, are the different personality and the girl who is dissociating likely to start intereacting?"

this is not a topic i know a great deal about so all information is welcome, thank you

Edit: to clear up a point, i was looking in to depersonalisation as the links on wiki were there and it occured to me that if my character is becoming withdrawn and doubting herself and her perception of reality then she could have some of these symptoms too; i understand the disorders are seperate but i was looking in to whether or not they could occur together. thank you all for the book recomendations, just from reading the online reviews i have so many more ideas, and i am now off to the bookshop :D

extra question: my character may have suffered some trauma when her mother died but she was never physically or sexually abused, does anyone have any information on natural multiplicity? thank you