April 13th, 2006

Chinese immigrants & marriage

In 1882, the US passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, which basically disallowed immigrants from China to come to the US.
I was wondering, however, if a naturalized Chinese-American citizen already living in the states were to marry a newcomer Chinese immigrant, would she be considered a citizen, or at least a legal resident? Or would fake documentation be a better bet in allowing her to stay?
Thank you!

Brain aneurysms, Drownings, and Autopsies OH MY!

I have a character who, while filling up the tub to take a bath, has a cerebral aneurysm rupture and dies almost immediately. She is kneeling by the tub and her body slumps forward, submerging her head and possibly arms in the water. Due to her current behavior, her family assumes it is a suicide when they find her.

Now here are my questions:

1. During the autopsy, what would indicate that she had died prior to drowning?
2. After realizing she did not die from drowning, how long would it take to figure out she had a brain aneurysm, or could they figure this out?
3. About how long after the death would this autopsy be performed, about how long would the autopsy take, and when would the family find out about the results?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for all the replies! I think I have what I need now.
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Effectiveness of inhaling/absorbing arsenic?

Right, my piece will take place in a time & development period similar to Reinassance-era Europe. I have a serial poisoner/dressmaker whose MO will be to apply poison to the dresses and veils she makes. I know how effective arsenic can be when it comes to ingesting it. Can it be absorbed through the skin (via wearing such a tainted dress) &/or inhaled (via wearing such a tainted heavy veil) and be just as deadly?

If not, can anyone recommend a poison that could be absorbed/inhaled and still fit the tech level?
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Military officers' duties

What are the duties of military officers when they're on the base and not in combat? So far, the sites I've found via Google have only given me a vague description. I've got one character who is a colonel and one who is a captain. Country of origin and branch of service don't really matter because this is a futuristic sci-fi story. I just need some sort of frame of reference. Thanks :-)
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Night Blooming Jasmine....

Can anyone tell me when it actually blooms? I did some research into Jerusalem, the city, and it said that a lot of people grow it. I looked into the plant itself and most sites seem to say if you cut it back it comes back over and over...

So does it bloom all year? Jerusalem seems to be pretty temperate, and I'm writing my character there in February/March, so would there be any in bloom, or is that too early?


Questions on the late 19th Century...

My story is set in the late 19th Century, and I have researched. I got basic facts, but some details I couldn't find. Here are some questions:

1) Where should I set it? I've thought of the US, England or somewhere in Europe. Either America or Europe. Please give me suggestions.

2) I need to know the currency of whatever country I'm going to write it in.

3) What were the hairstyles of boys and girls in the late 1800s?

4) What kind of clothes did they wear in the late 1800s? (I have basic knowledge, but something more specific, please)

5) Schools: how long did boys/girls go to school, how were the years divided, what kind of classrooms did they use

6) My story's protagonist(s) are no high-classers, but no slaves, either. More like farm people. With lots of animals. No fields. Tell me more about those.

I do hope you can help me. I speak German, English and Japanese fluently, so come to me if you want translations on those. ^o~ Thanks!

A hunter-gatherer tribe

Consider a hunter-gatherer tribe in modern-day rainforest, most similar to the highlands of Papua New Guinea, people who have little or no contact with the Western world and prefer it that way. What are the daily tasks of women, the "women's work that's never done" in the household?

So far, I have: butchering pigs and processing their meat and sinews (not always frequent work); constructing and repairing string-bags made of plant fibers; gathering tree-nuts and a few other edible plants; child care. What else? Can anyone recommend reading?