January 1st, 2006

Brit slang--anatomy

OK, so I have frequently (very frequently) consulted http://www.peevish.co.uk/slang/. It's a great resource. But what I need is a bloody thesaurus! My question involves a frequently mentioned part of male anatomy one finds in slash fiction, but I'd really like a list of slang synonyms, if such a thing can be had. Seeing as it's not perhaps work friendly,

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day-to-day government in the Renaissance

What kinds of standard administrative/bureaucratic/judicial/legislative duties would one of a late-Medieval or Renaissance ruler's 'counsellors' have? The character I'm dealing with is a very highly-placed nobleman, the second or third man to the ruler.

I'm not searching for specific titles (i.e. Master of the Privy Purse) as much as daily activities. What kinds of reports would be dealt with at such a high level? Taxes? Military?

The country is one of those generic city state principalities found in Shakespeare comedies, so there isn't a huge bureaucracy or court.

It seemed like an obvious question to me, but I when I tried researching it, I couldn't find very much.

EDIT: What I really want to know is what kinds of ordinary, mundane tasks would have been done in the government of a small Renaissance principality.

Confession - Penance for Adultery

The other entries for Catholicism have been very useful for my research but I don't believe they cover this. Or if they do I missed and I'm very sorry.

I have two questions.

1 - What would be a typical penance given for adultery? Would it be *so many* Hail Mary's or would the priest possibly give a 'community work' type penance? I know he *can* do that but is it likely he would for a fairly serious sin?

2 - Would the priest lecture the person confessing their sins? It's a small community and the priest is going to know who the people involved are.

Physical age/medical examination

I am trying to figure out is how accurately can a doctor tell a person's age from a physical examination?

the character in this case is a 22 year old female. Is there any way the doctor could be mistaken and assume she is closer to, if not over thirty? I can fudge the particulars of the examination if needed to include/not include X-rays, blood tests or other such things.

eta: thank you guys for all your wonderfuöl replies; I believe I now know how to deal with this :D

therapist/patient confidentiality?

I admit, i don't have any idea where to even start googling this one. I'd ask my therapist, but I am making the assumption thqaat the legistlation int he US is a wee bit different than here...

What I have is a guy who starts undergoing prtty intensive therapy following an incident where he hit his pregnant fiancee - he is determined to never do it again, to change, to become a better man and so on - and he wants to prove it to her. Would it ber possible for him to have her talk to his therapist about the progress he is making, since they are not yet married? (This happens in modern-day California, Los Angeles morse specifically.) It's one-on-one therapy, since he refuses group counseling due to wanting to keep it away from the press. How specific would the htherapist be allowed to be? also, could he arrange the therapist talking to the person who recommended her in the first place (a catholic prioest, to be exact, my guy's confessor)

Sorry if this is badly-phrased....