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Single-car accident (1960s); broken leg

I posted a question a few months ago, and received some wonderful feedback. I decided asking here again would be a great idea to find some information that I need.

Tags - broken bones, car accidents
Google - "car accidents"; "car accidents" + "injuries"; "car accidents" + types
Wikipedia - car accident; list of road accidents; side collision

I also half-heartedly searched through a database.

I'm trying to establish a single-car accident that takes place in the 1960s, '69 to be specific. I'm trying to keep in mind how the structure of most cars were longer back then. Most of the damage is taken to the right side of the car, primarily the front seat, enough to cause that passenger to break his leg, and to smack his head hard enough to go unconscious. The driver has probably schmucked up his face with the steering wheel, gotten some whiplash, but otherwise is good. There are three men in the backseat, the one on the right side knocked unconscious with the impact as well, while the other two are rattled and shaken not stirred. All men are within the age span of 21-23.

If the cause of the accident is of any importance, the driver thinks he has seen a child in the middle of an otherwise deserted rural road, in the dead of night. Long stretch of road. To avoid hitting the child he swerves and crashes.

My question is, what type of accident would cause the damage I'm looking for? My original thought was a head-on collision with a huge tree, or something else equally unmovable, but the car structure (the longer 'nose' - the hood) keeps making me think it won't work. My other thought is that the car does a spinner of sorts, the side of the car taking the brunt of the hit from the tree, again, focussed on the front passenger door.

Also, concerning that broken leg, would it be at all possible - albeit stupid and even more detrimental - to put weight on his leg? The story has a horror/supernatural element to it, and broken-leg-guy discovers the mysterious 'they' are baring down on him. He doesn't want to stick around to find out what's going to happen to him, and so makes a run/hobble/limp for safety. If it's of any importance, this guy used to be a track runner in high school, and does have strong legs.

Tags: 1960-1969, ~car accidents, ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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