a sorta fairytale (bornfromthefoam) wrote in little_details,
a sorta fairytale

death by heart removal?

Kind of a weird question, but I have this serial killer who's read too much about the Aztecs and kills her victims by cutting out their hearts while they're still alive. So uh, what would the corpses of these people look like, 5-10 hours after death, assuming there wasn't a struggle and the blood got cleaned up (yeah, magically)? The specific victim is female, about 5'3" and 130 pounds, in fair physical condition, with no previous major illnesses. Set in modern times with, again, magic thrown in so I can fudge details if necessary. Oh and the weapon would be something primitive, I was thinking a huge kitchen knife if that would work.

I googled "aztec sacrifice," "aztec sacrifice heart removal," "corpse heart removed," "heart removal live victim," "heart removal corpse," and various permutations thereof. I also tried to read some articles on how the heart works but I didn't understand a word of it, and I searched through the tags and such for this community.

Thanks, hope I'm not being stupid! Advice on doing better searches would also be appreciated because apparently I fail, epically.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order

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