December 31st, 2005


Volcanically created land and beach, and scientific magic

I lurked here for a bit and now I'm posting with several questions for my original story.

The setting is this, just in case it has any baring, a world with many nations, and a few other species (no elves, just a dragonfly/insectoid looking race that eats dead things, and a plant race, small, looks like vines around rocks in human shape, grow big nasty things for war). Insect guys are not stereotypically casted, but there are social strati that they don't cross. They interact freely with humans (because they taste good). The plant people keep to themselves mostly, though there are tourists. They have a De-populated zone five miles thick around their countries where no one is allowed to enter without permission.

The major things about the setting is that reincarnation happens to more than 90% of the human population, and people will pick up on their old jobs the next life time (though a quick run through college is usually required). Memories are not full, and usually fully set in as much as they can by 20. There's also a 'magic' system that ONLY allowed for energy manipulation and conversion, and requires metal shapes linked to create the functions. Basically microchips/computers, and they do infact have a few computers based on this. I'm thinking about making the technology level 1950s-ish, with alterations. Reincarnation made sexual irrelevance happen much faster, for instance. And no cars/moters as we know them, or at least minimal ones. The streets are filled with bikers and trolleys. Also wheelchairs and 'Segways' but those are more rare.

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Uhm, sorry to the mods. I'm fairly new to tagging, and I looked at the list (I assumed that the keywords were tags), but I didn't see anything for geology, magic, or volcanoes. Sorry.
that's all i ask for

MIA vs. KIA vs. AWOL

Like the title says, this question is about MIA/KIA (missing in action/killed in action) and AWOL (absent without leave). These are the circumstances I've always thought that would get each status declared for a person.

KIA: A soldier is killed in combat and their body is confirmed.
MIA: A soldier goes missing after combat and no body is confirmed.
AWOL: A soldier know to be alive goes missing when a combat situation has not occurred.

So I need to know if those are right. I also have a few other questions.

1. How long will a soldier have to be MIA before being declared KIA? Are they never declared KIA until a body is found?
2. Can relatives get an MIA soldier declared KIA?
3. If an MIA soldier is found alive, but doesn't return to duty, are they then declared AWOL?
4. How much effort is placed in tracking down AWOL soldiers?
5. Are non-military persons ever declared any of the three?

Those are my questions. :O help plz
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Sternuous jobs in spring/summer in small French town?

So, I have a charactr who loses her memory and ends up in a small French town, somewhat battewred, with nno ID, very little money, and no idea whatsoever who she is. She gets room and board with a barkeep who wants her to sing at his place on the evenings, buit she needs another, physically strnous job for the purposes of the story.

The town is rahter small, old-fashioned and rural - 500 to 1000 residents, farmland around, out of the way. She has no particular skills (bedides martial arts and gun use and other assorted special ops-y stuff) but she is v. physically storng and has good endurance, even after inactivcity that was the resutl of the amnesia-causing injury.

So, yeah, Any suggestions what sort of physically demanding labour could ther ebe for a young woman in a small town like that?
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What kind of shirt is this?

What do you call the kind of shirt that is very much like a Hawaiian shirt, except without the Hawaiian pictures or pattern? One that is a button-down tee shirt of the same sort of material is what I mean.

I'm not even sure if there is a name for it, but I wanted to be sure before I start going around describing it the long way.

I'm sorry if that wasn't very coherent; it's been a long day.

Edit: Thank you so much to everyone for the suggestions. I guess there isn't really one word for the kind of shirt I'm talking about.
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Fatal condition for a little girl to have.

Happy New Year, folks!

Anyways, I need some sort of medical condition for a little girl - aged somewhere between four to six - to have. It could be something genetic, and it would be good if it's plagued her for a while, and it needs to be able to be worsened by dancing outside in the storm without a coat or anything, to the point of death. Some sort of symptoms like coughing would be good, but not necessary.

I feel horrible for killing a little girl off.