December 29th, 2005


Addressing Spouses in C19th

Hi all, just a quick question.

I have a creative writing task set as a school assignment and I have to write a short story beginning with the words "Who says your way is right?".  It's to be set within Pride and Prejudice and I've decided to do a pure-dialogue story between Elizabeth and Darcy.

My question is:  how would Elizabeth address Darcy after they're married?  In the show/book, she only ever addresses him as 'Mr Darcy' and he addresses her as 'Miss Bennet' or 'Elizabeth' etc.

Thanks in advance.


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Kansas Senate Laws

For some reason, Google and the state of Kansas's fine websites are not helping me here. How long are Kansas state senators (not US senators from Kansas) elected for? Are there any term limits?

ETA: Answered. Thanks!
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Radio-like things in a fantasy setting

So I have this fantasy world. They have magic and I'm pretty sure they can do a lot with it that could mimic things we have in our own technological society.

Actually there are two countries, two major powers, Rune-Midgard and the Schwartzwald Republic (if you get what world I'm working in you are a geek and I say 555 to you, sir). Schwartzwald Republic is a lot more technologically and magically advanced than Rune-Midgard (I mean come on they have an Industrialized city built around the world's first and only factory and another city floating in the clouds). Their technology I would describe as magical steampunk, where both things can be used in the invention of...things.

What I want to do is radio technology. I have two Schwartzwald spies and a Rune-Midgard army team that they infiltrate. I want the spies to be able to communicate with one another discreetly, I'm thinking secret service earbuds type thing here. I also want the army guys to be able to contact one another in case they get split up, I'm thinking more of a hand-held walkie-talkie sort of thing, two per team (since when teams are 4 people apiece and they always make sure to split up into pairs because anything less is just suicidal here).

What I've got so far is that the Rune-Midgard device is gonna be shoddy. Constantly on the fritz, pretty experimental. Doesn't work for long distances (100ft at the most maybe) and usually doesn't work when they need it to. The Schwartzwald tech would be better, probably up to 300ft or so, and actually usually being functional.

Neither team has mages with them; the only people magically skilled are skilled in healing/holy magic. So if something magical goes wrong they wouldn't be able to fix it (not that that's necessarily a bad thing--for me), and if it'd be something requiring a constant or occasional magical power source, they wouldn't be able to keep it running in the field.

Any ideas on how I can explain this without it seeming too, "Ah, he just wants it in there to be cool." I want to make it fit in my very fantasy setting without it looking out of place.