December 26th, 2005


Backstage at a concert

What's it like being backstage at a concert? The kind of thing I have in mind is huge open air concerts like Live 8 or the Party in the Park in London, with lots of different artists playing.

Where would the artists be before and after their sets? Do they have somewhere to watch the show from? Somewhere to get dressed and so on? Would they be milling about, chatting to each other?

How much security would there be? I imagine it would be quite tight with so many celebrities around.

Where do the press come into all this? Where would they be and who would they be talking to? I've got a fair idea what BBC Radio were up to at Live 8 from photographs, but anything else would be useful.
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Religious celebrities?

Soo... I have tried googling this but my google-fu is rather weak. I have a character who is a pop star, v. popular, at the top of his career. Now, he ends up moving to LA and I find myself facing a problem. Namely, he is a devouit Catholic.

Where would he go to Mass, confession, et cetera? How do celebtrities deal with this sort of thing? Are there some must-be-on-People's-100-prettioest-people-list-obnly chapels or what? I admit that I am absolutely clueless because I'm bot from LA or even the States. :/

How would he most likely be dealing with the issue? Especially on Christmas. Any help, hints, et cetera would be v. welcome.

Blade dating, using carbon dating?

So, what I have is roughly a two inch piece of steel, with a sharpened edge. It's pretty obvious it's from a blade of some sort.

What I need to know is would they have to destroy/break/use the blade in any way to carbon date it?

I have an antiques dealer who specialises in blades/weaponry especially east Asian stuff. I'm trying to get her the entire piece of the blade, without ruining it in anyway.

Would a mass spectrometer be able to carbon date it? Is carbon dating even feasible? If it isn't, what methods might they use to say "Oh! Look it's not modern it's about '#x' centuries old." This would be the crime lab doing that, before kicking it to the antiquities gal.

Any help? Alternate ideas? Help?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Alright here's what I need:

The CSIs find a two inch piece of a katana --it needs to be at least 14th/15th century. Now, I need a way for them to kick that over to my antique blade expert. I already know what she can look at and give them possible makers/school of the maker.

What I can't figure out --and hence the carbon dating-- is how to get it, realistically, from them to her. So, ideas?
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70's shoe soles

I tried image-googling this, but it's impossible to find anything good-- I really need to know what shoes looked like in the 70's, specifically the soles. It's for a drawing of a gang of hippies.

Help please?
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Sleep disorder - character sleeping all the time

So I have a character that I want to be sleeping way more than is normal, but I need a reason for it. Not life threatening, hopefully something that can easily be fixed with medication or lifestyle changes or something like that. He's a male in his mid-twenties, in great shape. I was thinking either iron deficiency (but is that likely in men?) or thyroid problems of some sort (would need details on this, though, and how likely would it be in someone past adolescence?). I don't think I'm looking for narcolepsy, as I understand it, it's not quite what I'm looking for.

And on a related note, is there a community tag for illnesses/disease or something like that? I checked both of those and I can't think what else illnesses might be tagged under.